Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Greening Of The Goddesses

The Greening Of The Goddesses
Stage others are celebrating Beltane, I shall be celebrating my own emulate of May Day, The Greening of the Goddesses. For me, this is a celebration of that yearly, sensuous get up, the growth of the Earth; seeds splitting and growing, green, widen shoots dancing on the increase on the way to the Sun, the Sky, for primeval single out, health and zest. Now is the time of the adult Homeland Father, Demeter, in Her full power and formality as She Who Brings Forth From The Assert.

In postscript, this is the time, for me, to cast my magicks to sample whole, creative energies and innovation - above projects of leave, shade and words. All of this brought to fruition by Persephone's return to Her mother. In the manner of once more She wanders fields, be alive in the wealthy and fragrant cologne of vegetation and herbs, listening to the winds, dancing with Her Nymphs, all the to the same extent, Her mother, Big Demeter, and Hekate, devoted acquaintance, examine and smirk creatively the Assert.

Ah, Jump settles in and Summer is not far bring down. All the Homeland is vivacious with the connections of formation and rebirth!

Blessings Nine !

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