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Khazar Jews

Khazar Jews
Why Khazaric fairy tales are acknowledged lies?

Eight Chief Facts:

1. All Jewish groups from Yemeni to Form Jews believe simular haplogroup pervasiveness. If we guess that in some way Ashkenazi Jews are Khazarian converts than their haplogroup border couldn't up for the haplogroup border and frequencies of Moroccon Jews. What's more populational groups believe mutations and haplogroups which are caracteristical to non Muslim Middle-East (Samaritanians Druze and lebanese Christians) and partialy to Muslim Middle-East.

So all Jewish groups believe harmonized frequencies of harmonized haplogroups proving that they do existing one ethnic group with comon origin.If the origin of one part of the group is Khazarian than the origin of the rest believe to be Khazarian too.Still its a historycal non care to claime that for period Tunesian Jews could believe any Khazarian people

2. Samaritanians

Traditional studies of Israelite Samaritanians by Shen 2004, proved that the genetics of Samaritanians clusters with all Jewish groups what are having capacious differences with their want time load ancestors 'Palestinian' Arabs. Ashkenazi Jews are genetically harmonized in populational separation with Samaritanians as well as Sepharadic Jews (Bang about to download Shen2004.PDF) proposal 3 presents the pair-wise genetic distances (Fst) involving 11 populations from AMOVA viable to the Y-chromosomal and mitochondrial mark. For the Y-chromosome, all Jewish groups, fasten for the Ethiopians, are aggressively contemporaneous to each other. They do not be dissimilar

to a certain extent from Samaritans (0.041) and Druze (0.033), but are different from Palestinians (0.163), Africans (0.219), and Europeans (0.111) (Diagram 4).

Calm down, the mark in Tables 3 and 4 ponder that the Samaritan and Jewish Y-chromosomes

believe a by a long way high-class connection than do fill of the Samaritans and their longtime biological neighbors, the Palestinians.

3. Jewish haplogroups 50% J,20% E1b1b1c) does not halt through any nation self-determining Staple East. Break populations with high J (South Europeans who diverse with Staple Eastern populace) do not believe J snooty 30% what populace with high E1b1b1c self-determining equidistant east do not believe high J

Jewish haplogroups part of genetical happening of Middle-East:

Bang about to view Lair Haplogroup Frequencies by Group (Family, Formal, Confined)

4. Deep non care

From the late I and at the forefront instant century remains conversions to Judaism are forbiden by Halacaha therfore its videly out of the question that leter of this time such conversions happened on remains span

5.Historycal non care

Jewish comunities existeed in Europe centuries until that time hypothetical Khazar convert. Jews were barred from France in III century from Germany in V century. According to historians Jews consisted 10-15% of Roman people populace Jews are important to believe lived in Greece and Italy in 1st century BCE, Austria Germany 2nd and 3rd century ACE,Bomb north Africa 2nd century BCE, Iraq and Persia 2nd century BCE, start Europe, Germany 2nd century ACE.

6 Yiddish

Any native tongue believe to believe caracteristics with prevalent languages.Therfore if Ashkenazi Jews would birth from Khazars Yiddish motivation for correct believe to believe some Turcic elements prevalent for the envirviment from while it occured.

Still Yiddish which is important to be articulated from VIII century ACE don't believe any Turcic elements. Its properly swayed by German Hebrew and Arameic languages but not a simple world is originating from Turcic languages.

7. Sophistication of Khazars

If A Jews are Khazars they couldn't in some way pass on their family.Several cultural traditional expresions from Khazar ancestors motivation in some way believe to be cede in traditions of Ashkenazi Jews which would existing simularities with other Turcic ancestors.Still no such tradition or affair halt (folk hoedown,beleves,rituals etc).

8. Jewish mass departure to East Europe -Poland and Russia on remains is well documented from IX century happened from WEST and not from EAST as proved by discrete historians.

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