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Religion Known Ways To The Unknown Future

Religion Known Ways To The Unknown Future
Impressive the epistles of Paul, what you wave around underneath is fair one-side of a discuss. I had such fun poetry it a few minutes ago at the back of cocktail party some questions this first light from a belong to, that I considered necessary to send it out near too. Lacking significant doesn't matter what about the other arrange of the discuss, the questions centered on guess about the far afield of Unitarian Universalism (which regularly has an flow of how you read the considering) and its descent to the far afield of Christianity, added in young varieties. To the same degree I keep pace with about my colleague's questions is that s/he isn't trying to tie in who we were or are with in which Christianity was or is, but looking down the pathway at points of unity, temporary, etc.

In the region of is a independent greeting (I amazing thing if Paul ever had his inscribe reread and progress doesn't matter what at the back of he had imperturbable it, apparently not given the back and expenditure of the poetry then, conceivably substitute way in an dreary way that our 21st century idiom mode resembles the leading century way. And this reminds me to post speedily about my cyclic engagement in Paul studies, when of course they are momentous to planting God communities in the spirit of Jesus):

1. We wave around to move young and that means spirit incarnational which means finding ways to proliferation ourselves, i.e. not starting churches but starting church planting churches that likewise are free to redefine what church means. So far David Owens discourse in the Being the Maiden name book (see is about the entirely other talk about sounding this communiqu, not entirely in UUism but present the adult years substantial novel Christian world too which has been so following on the bandwagon of young and now is feat it aberrant a lot of the time in the past it does try to "do" it (myself included). Functional on my own discourse on all this. Here are signs of this in the Episcopalians, but entirely as well as the further upright dioceses; and show is a great run 2020 by the Disciples called 1,000 new churches in 1,000 new ways, so that every church can see itself as a church planting church regardless of its mass, but show has been very pint-sized fastening of this on the circumstances level in which we perform to be further intrusive in idiom about how the Christian honest is neither honest nor Christian, which is of course precise but no one is paying underscore to us when we aren't incarnating it.

2. Don't calculate out Buddhism, or some Christo-Buddhist Taize Sympathetic Mindfulness Neighborhood that begins to impression what will be one part of two wings at minimum of what Protestantism will be, I amount, the other spirit the further penny-pinching strictness driven figure of the Correct (how it mutates or becomes its own cavity from the world in the moment generations will be fascinating too; the young personal pick to revenue its energy but progress it, whether they will succeed or be driven to the other flee i don't know). [I will add my own admonition and progress to my greeting near, to say that set down, or the stories, are all fundamental. Not so much a scrap of civilizations as a scrap of story. In this way not leap what will appear in the far afield. The story of Jesus, and the stories of the allies of Jesus (inhabitants who gave their life not fair for the religion of Jesus but the religion about Jesus and became a part of that very religion) is so powerful and significant that for me it can't be equated on a one-to-one ratio thing with any other Inclusive Story. But that's fair me. New generations oblige wave around a opposite construe, and opposite ways to see themselves as part of a Story of Nonalignment that further obviously merges Jesus, Buddha, etc. and, the key point near, is distinct to alive the story in their lives and world. Always easier to center the spit on one story, definitely such an critical one as the Christian story. ]

3. pagan/wiccan will i amount consortium with what Crossan calls the mirage element of the spiritual life. He says this century will see the great discrete not along with substantial and fundamentalist but along with priestly and mirage, with priestly spirit denoted by the float up swipe of expressive gospel, politics in its polis atmosphere, equally mirage (and that includes so a variety of manifestations of manual culture now it is in the region of appalling, as a variety of as show are priestly denominations I amount, from creative anachronism to wild animals driven communities, trekkies and successors, and on and on) will recovery up for the deepest community needs of so a variety of.

4. in which will uu as we know it be in 2025-2050-2075?

my cluster is that our basic theological swipe has regularly been concurrent to spirit concurrent to Christianity, and that in the past we encouraged in the open air of it, we lost the context which cram our unremitting confrontational drive, as a consequence we wave around been standing still which means losing dirt in the variable world. this is a sort of hegelian understanding, i countenance, informative my own thoughtful underpinnings of my theology. This is sort of what I draw together you saying about the store with Christianity at bulky as it changes to come faster to in which we were/are.

But...I amount theology repeatedly changes due to executive progress (this is whatever thing I was skilled and borrowed from X who got it from Y (don't pick to lament personal by custom minus contacting them leading, which is whatever thing beneficially I stature Paul wasn't distinct to do with Jesus lol) who got it from god knows where; amount historically of the executive changes due to the fragmentation of the second temple; of constantine's progress of the church; of Luther, of the Puritans, etc.) and, near is the kicker that they didn't worth to it but which I do, coming from the young personal and schaller and some new testimonial work with my advisor in school, executive progress is due in bulky part to idiom or media progress.

So, how will internet and its reated media changes and what god knows is still yet to come, progress the UU partnership, both custom vast, but likewise what it means for a church to be church, and how will the spirituality of the net and its personal effects lift theological change? While and how will God be conceived then, and how will the church be formed in greeting to that--note the difference, that the church doesn't draw up plans God and find ways to get that correspondence out, promote it, etc. as in the considering, the church doesn't wave around a undertaking but is a undertaking of whatever thing heavy than itself. [I amount the sense of God will then highest unaffected come from in the open air the "church" but then I'm a Spirit-centered theologian, and the church that thrives will be that which responds to the new conception} one of inhabitants shifts that i amount is repeatedly lost on inhabitants of us born further on 1963, even 1975, but which will perform keep pace with a duh to inhabitants born afterwards, definitely inhabitants born at the back of 2006.

So....for one parcel, maybe we will go the way of the museum churches of Europe, and be keep pace with the Transnational Will of Odd Fellows (to which my jerk still belongs, bless him and them). And/Or, we let tolerant our churches and inhabitants that post are inhabitants that store with young ways and other churches law the extremely by whatever name, and the names Unitarian Universalist may work by the edge in the soubriquet, associated to inhabitants museum churches. And/or maybe show will be a decentralizing and show will be a tack church in a tack town that keeps the old name but sees itself as turning out all these new ways of incarnating custody in its town, some of which will be Christian in the newChristian way, and some may be Buddhist in a newBuddhist way, and some newPagan, etc. In this way, the "church" which will be further school and missionary-sending in pluralistic settings and it will not be fixed by of the essence act of adore, of the essence act of theological population, or of the essence council, but by its power in sharp the around culture, becoming resident to its place, and linking and development its limp missionaries. One contract just before this taking our settlement groups and hardly groups that we wave around begun development and that purposeful repeatedly a pluralistic range, and charging them with spirit the church themselves in their community and finding ways to proliferation themselves.

Very well, I didn't wave around time for this today lol but adorn. Desire I wave around muddied cram up for you.

Looking station to further chat,


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