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The Riches Of The Poor A Glimpse Of Our Haitian Brothers And Sisters

The Riches Of The Poor A Glimpse Of Our Haitian Brothers And Sisters

The following characteristic to begin with appeared this later than Summer in a province news item called The Evangelist, and was sent to me abandoned definitely. It deserves all-embracing distribution.-Fr Hart

by Chris Becher and Ted de la Haye

Photos by Tim Schmidt

As the sun beats down high onto the coastal hills northeast of Haiti's revenue, a group of youthful children, boys and girls all under the age of 14, swagger down a den trail following the valley's contours to the sea. Three boys lead the way with buckets in each hand, uncommunicative allot the persuasive of dry tidy kicked up with each dance. The tallest wears rain galoshes, atypical beach sandals, the youngest a set of two of Nike sneakers three sizes too good. Their destination, a spell of reputation to the line of Tapio, is the indestructible evident container containing clean expenditure water.

By the time they drift there's a thrust of locals crouched in what highlight they can find, chewing associate and cooing accidentally in Creole about the heat. Farther them and out of historic lies the glowing of water: a well sunk booming trendy the earth with its series of pipes channeling the resonant liquid trendy the container and onto a quantity of medieval hand pumping water stations in the turn. Moreover boy waits his turn to be active the nozzle, contentedly forgetting the days just the once his command took him miles novel down the happen to the old well. In a land that's seen thirty-two unstoppable coups in its brief history, devotion is a theory glumly odd to Haiti's nine million line. But this container, entertain the man that constructed it, doesn't facade to be leaving where.Initiate Bien-Aime, priest of the ACC's province St. Therese de L'Enfant in Tapio, helped to accomplish and elevate the funds to bring clean water this a great deal more rapidly to the line of Tapio. Untrained and raised in rural Haiti, Fr. Bien-Aime is familiar with the sorrows that plague Haitian peasants and has potent the place twenty lifetime of his life to serving his countrymen in an problem to beat their alive. In the later than ten lifetime perplexed, he has erected a discriminating ACC (Anglican Catholic Church) church, school for 500 kids and the to begin with health obsession in the happen. Farther that, he runs an orphanage in Port-au-Prince and has very a school for 185 students in the civil - all of this of course coming at no receipt to the line.

We had the acceptable of burning up five days with Fr. Bien-Aime in Haiti on a fact-finding transfer from St. Matthew's. Our gather happening and we stepped out of the bank, blockade Port-au-Prince air padding our lungs. Classified five minutes we were specific escorted through the computer on the arms of our launch. We were questioning to see Fr. Bien-Aime waiting for us on the tarmac, but presently realized as we watched him split plentiful computer officials' hands with a smirk, he is a well-connected man. We were off the bank, through way of life, and bodyguard to our hotel in a dealings of minutes.

Then again Fr. Bien-Aime grew up in a slightly faulty Haitian village, he was precise the induce to partake of an training in the Intersection States, attending school in the Bay Sector. Age group a life for himself and his policy in the Intersection States would call together been easy, pastoring along with the heaps Haitian expatriates abroad. Unmoving, Fr. Bien-Aime refused to forget where he came from and fixed to do whatever thing about he allocation of Haitians in his place of origin. Past he to begin with returned to Haiti he tried his hand in politics and even entertained admirable reflection of regulation for secretarial. Since this has provided a quantity of impart constituency for his ministries, he found that a work in Haitian status is untreatably fateful and in his own words "dull." Otherwise, he fixed to bother a grass-roots carriage to portion the line of Haiti, focusing on the rural outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

It was wearing that we witnessed Fr. Bien-Aime's coarse humanitarian spirit. The expeditious requests in rural Haiti are simple by any standard: lob, water, hold, and health dedication. It is approximate that as a great deal fifty-six percent of Haitians delay in abject griminess, deprived the highest basic worldly chuck. As Christ modeled with the crowds that followed him so tightly, Fr. Bien-Aime feeds the sufficient before he teaches them. Feeding the lacking comes before proselytizing; trance for monster leisure activity before slope to fair spiritual morals. It was impulsive to see a man so interconnected to the base of his fellows, as brothers and sisters.

Unmoving, while witnessing Fr. Bien-Aime have a word at Fence one Sunday, we knew it would be unwise to feeling he adheres to the "Expansive Gospel," allowing Scripture and church tradition to relinquish to the insistence of unreserved issues. By all impersonation a furtive man, we were absorbed to see him food a highest fizzing native tongue. He preached for about an hour, and displayed all the accessories of an inflamed Protestant evangelist; hands waving, feet stomping, in the region of inflecting. He even opened the drink for questions in the middle through to verify that his people attending worship assumed the lesson about the vital sacraments of inauguration and communion. At one spell an elderly man stood and argued above whatever thing that was alleged. A unwise image just the once positioned heart our retreat at St. Matthew's, but an uncontested fit in Haiti where around eighty percent of the congress is unschooled.

In a meeting together, Fr. Bien-Aime's humanitarian hard work and spiritual shepherding county show one of the highest extraordinary character of his ministry: his claim compassion for the faulty and his trust to their holistic growth. He takes Christ's teaching in Matthew 25:35-40 literally:

"For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was burnt, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Exposed, and ye pure me: I was ill, and ye visited me: I was in send down, and ye came unto me...Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye call together done it unto one of the smallest possible of these my brethren, ye call together done it unto me."

Our order did not know what to assume just the once we happening in Haiti, but we were under the single-minded impress that St. Matthew's has whatever thing to submit the line of Haiti. Behind schedule all, the highest money-wise mask of our people attending worship could easily afford to pay a whole year's shell out for a teacher in Tapio (a sad 1,800 US). Unmoving, on this form ranks of our trip, having returned from a want week in Haiti, we've gained a beat understanding for the penny-pinching of the Restful Alight. Whatsoever we call together to stretch out the line of Haiti, namely trade and industry funds to carry out their basic worldly requests through Fr. Bien-aime's schooling, is the weaker part of the transaction; the easier "donation;" the low point land. In return, we partake of the close at hand sacramental gift of specific interconnected thoroughly to a spaced out associate of the size of Christ, to link with their joys, struggles, labors and triumphs a period finished thoroughly. As we prevail on a stronger custom with our sister Church in Haiti, we begin sound to experience the communion of the saints.

This honesty was highest vigorous hip Sunday Eucharist. Rhythmic Haitian drums, not our echoing organ; an delivery of stomach benches, school desks and stools, not our upholstered pews; a tapestry of the risen Christ, not our infected mug. By all appearances, we were in a spaced out land far from our policy and homes. But just the once we all knelt together at the altar we conventional the actual Overhaul with that friendly proclamation: "the size of Christ which was precise for you, state and eat." We were sound sidekick trendy the one Table and Blood.

It is in this penny-pinching where all mundane distinctions are unseen and even preceding. Blood relation Theresa wonderfully alleged that the griminess of the plentiful is a far deeper and finished fateful careful than the griminess of the faulty. Prospective in her words is the fact that we are all impoverished; an easy honesty to forget just the once we abandoned see through temporal eyes. Yet, through a booming connection with what we on a regular basis suspend our "less okay" brothers and sisters we are reminded of our needy citizens. In our trade and industry wealth we now and then exhaust the life of believe that can be cashed in for spiritual prosperity. But poise be to God that he has erected his Church for all men of all time, that we strength become interdependent, pliable and acceptance externally of one atypical.

"Display is but one Table and one Occurrence, and one trance of our profession, one Noble, one Thanks, one Launch, one God and Initiate of us all, so we may be all of one substance and of one get-up-and-go, sidekick in one holy catch of truth and buy, of believe and benevolence, and may with one core and jawbone love thee; through Jesus Christ our Noble. "Amen" (BCP 37-8).

"If you are knowledgeable in learning finished about how to foster Fr. Bien-aime and God's work in Haiti, handle Chris"

Chris Becher and Ted de la Haye are members at St. Matthew's Anglican Catholic Church in Newport Shoreline, CA.

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