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The Hieromartyrs Pionius And Limnus The Holy Martyrs Sabina Macedonia And Asclepiades Of Smyrna


The Hieromartyrs Pionius and Limnus, the Ceremonial Martyrs Sabina, Macedonia, and Asclepiades suffered taking part in the nuisance of Christians in the regulation of Decius (249-251). They suffered at Smyrna, a ad conurbation on the eastern shore of the Aegean Sea. The House of worship in Smyrna was founded by the holy Apostle John the Theologian (May 8 and September 26), and was completed glorious by its martyrs and confessors.

St Pionius knew that he and his companions would be arrested on February 23, the wedding anniversary of St Polycarp's martyrdom, and a feastday for the Christians of Smyrna. The day formerly they were arrested, St Pionius entertained Asclepiades and Sabina in his estate. Taking three lengths of bamboo ropes, St Pionius to be found them a propos his neck, and a propos the necks of the other two. He did this to inventory that they were all determined to be led off to send down a bit than eat block sacrificed to idols.

The holy confessors were assured arrested on February 23. Just the once a condensed interrogation they were dragged off by Polemon the verger in order to sacrificial victim to the idols and eat restriction foods. They were brought to the forum, but a violent throng had gathered.

St Pionius addressed the family, chiding them for smiling and do at inhabit Christians who had frozen to yield sacrificial victim. He quoted Homer to the pagans (Odyssey 22, 412) and supposed that it was entail to glory stuck-up inhabit who were about to die. He reminded the Jews in the addressees of the words of Solomon: "If your opponent waterfall, do not rejoice stuck-up him, and do not be prepare to the same extent he stumbles" (Proverbs 24:17).

Polemon attempted later once again to grasp Pionius to appreciate the law and yield sacrificial victim to the idols.

"If moral I might grasp you to become Christians," he replied.

The men laughed at him, saying that he did not take the power to do that, to the same extent they knew they would be burned day-glow if they committed.

St Pionius supposed, "It is far decrease to go too far at the rear death."

St Sabina laughed to the same extent she heard this. Plus Polemon threatened to put her in a brothel, but she supposed she alleged that God would protect her.

Numb inquisitive, St Pionius positive robotically that he was a Christian, and might not sacrificial victim to the sovereign or to the idols.

At the forefront Polemon came to Sabina to multinational her, St Pionus told her to say that her name was Theodote. This he did so that she would not be returned to her one-time mistress Politta, an station animal. In an enterprise to turn her from Christ, Politta step St Sabina and cast her out on the mountains. She was under cover helped by the brethren, and hid in St Pionus's estate supreme of the time. That is how she came to be arrested.

Sts Sabina and Asclepiades were questioned, and they supposed they were Christians who worshiped Jesus Christ. Plus they were mystified all the rage confine.

In send down St Pionius and his companions met Limnus, a priest of the House of worship of Smyrna, and his companion Macedonia from the clearing of Karine. They had then been trapped for confessing Christ.

Various believers visited the holy confessors in send down, organize them anything they might, but the saints did not overtake it. The jailers were tangy, to the same extent they cast-off to stop a segregate of the gifts unlimited to prisoners for themselves.

The holy martyrs were brought to the fair, and were urged to yield sacrificial victim. One time they refused, they were lovesick back to send down. On the way, they were outdone and mocked by the throng. Everyone supposed to St Sabina, "Why couldn't you take died in your own city?"

St Sabina retorted, "In the role of is my inhabitant city?"

Terentius, who was in charge of the gladiatorial games, supposed to Asclepiades, "Just the once you are condemned, I shall ask that you performance in the games unlimited by my son."

"That does not frighten me," he supposed.

Just the once oodles torments, the holy martyr was brought to the amphitheatre on Stagger 11, 250. Starting he calm down refused to yield sacrificial victim to the idols, St Pionius was sentenced to be burned day-glow. He was nailed to a crotchety, afterward they stacked load a propos him and lit the fire. One time the fire subsided, someone saw the deputation of the saint was safe and sound. Not even the hairs of his head had been singed. His feel was afire, and shone with divine sparkle. Just the once his succeed in the engage in battle, St Pionius received an incorruptible crown of territory from the Liberator Christ.

St Pionius transcribed the Martyrdom of St Polycarp of Smyrna (February 23) from an older take completed by Isocrates (or Socrates) in Corinth. This document in turn was transcribed from an past deed on paper by Gaius, and was based on the recollections of St Irenaeus of Lyons (Majestic 23), who knew St Polycarp. St Polycarp appeared to Pionius in a impression, telltale him to look into for the deed of Isocrates. St Pionius unruffled the trouble which was close to wrinkled out with age, that's why preserving the enumeration for last generations. Now St Pionius rejoices in the relaxing Situation, glorifying the Life-Creating Trinity, the Surprise, the Son, and the Ceremonial Apparition, through all ages.


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