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Paper Mario Mirror Of Infinity Chapter 2

Paper Mario Mirror Of Infinity Chapter 2

"So, ye want MY ferry ta go ta Bluegrass Bog, eh?" The elderly ferryman grumbled. "Well... TOO BAD."

"You've GOT to be kidding." Bookley groaned.

"That there swamp's muckier'n anythin this side o' the century, I ain't wastin my new boat on takin YOU folks! SO SCRAM."

"Sir, we REALLY need to go, the world could be at stake!" Koopus piped in.

"Mah BOAT could be at stake! 'Sides, couldn't take ya even if I want'd."

"Ughhhhh, why not?" Bookley flared, growing impatient with the old man.

"Lent mah lucky lant'rn ta some rich fuzzy fella stayin in town couple'a days. Can't go anywhere without it. If ye were ta git it BACK, then mebbe I'd reconsider."

Layzee perked up. "Well, where is he staying?"

The old man scratched his head. "Hmm... I dunno, what'dya think I look like, a magician?!? Go ask onna dem fancy fortune tell'rs."

"Mario, I think we ought to ask Merlon." Bookley whispered to the heroic plumber, who responded with a nod.

"Hmm..." Merlon looked deeply into his crystal ball. "Ahhhhh... AHA! I SEE!"

"You found him?" Bookley chimed.

"Nope, I just heard the timer go off in the kitchen. My nachos must be done." Merlon retreated, bringing back a bowl of chips smothered in cheese sauce, as Bookley flopped to the floor, groaning.

"Now, now, Bookley, don't be too impatient, I've learned of the surroundings of the one you're looking for, as well. His name is Fuzzington, he should be easy to find, he always wears a top hat. By my intuition, you'll find him on a stroll by the docks."

"Wow, Merlon, you really are as smart as Mario said..." Koopus smiled enthusiastically.

"No, I just know his mid morning walk routine, that's all." Merlon chortled heartily, as Mario and co. left to search for the fuzzy.

When the group finally found Fuzzington, he was standing at the dock beside the riverman's ferry, where Mario and his crew had just been standing earlier.

"Ughhh, you've got to be kidding me, we looked EVERYONE for him, only to find him waiting where we STARTED?!?" Bookley growled, an eye twitching.

"Well, hello, there, good chaps, you must be the ambitious group I've heard about wanting to travel to Bluegrass Bog!" The fuzzy bounced over to the group, tipping his hat slightly. "My name is Sir Fuzzington, I used to live there, you see! I know the place like the back of my hand!"

"Aye, mateys, ol' fuzzbrains here is the well renowned leader of the Fuzzies living by the swamp." The ferryman brought out an old, rusty lantern, hitching it to the front of his ferry. "Now that he's given me back me lantern, I can take ya anywhere yer heart desires." He waved his arms. "All aboard!"

Sir Fuzzington, Mario, and the rest of the party jumped onto the boat, as it sailed away from Melodius.

The water grew thicker, and turned a sickly green color. Layzee leaned off the edge of the boat, feeling sick to her stomach. The sky grew darker, and a heavy, disgusting yellow fog rolled in, smelling rotten and murky. The ferryman lit his lantern, barely able to see more than a foot in front of his face, as he squinted through the heavy fog, trying to make out the horizon.

"Oh no..." Fuzzington frowned. "What's happened to my wonderful utopia?"

"You mean it wasn't always like this?" Koopus asked.

"Not when I was last here..." The wealthy fuzzy sighed, coughing on the thick, moist air.

"This's why I didn' want ta come 'ere, lads." The ferryman started. "Things've changed since that big fight in Melodius broke out. Must be the cause of the guardians' dis'ppearance."

"But don't you understand why we HAD to come?!?" Bookley shouted. "We're going to SAVE the guardians, and restore this world to normal!"

The ferryman sighed. "Well, if this's the doin of onna dem guardians, y'all bett'r git ta savin it, quick, fore this water gits too slimy ta even move in."

Off in the distance, a lone chapel faded into view. Sir Fuzzington perked up.

"Sir! Drop us off in front of that building!" The ferryman nodded, and steered the boat toward the wooden walkway leading toward it. Mario and co. jumped off the boat, thanking the old man for his services, then followed Fuzzington down the boardwalk.

"If anybody'll know what's going on, it'll DEFINITELY be Pope Fuzzworth." He knocked at the large, wooden doors, as they opened, letting the group into the main hall of the chapel, where a fuzzy priest was lighting candles around an altar.

"Fuzzworth!" Fuzzington shouted, catching the old priest's attention.

"Fuzzington..." His voice cracked with fear. "You should not have returned..."

"Fuzzworth, what's happened?!?" The group approached the altar, as the elder fuzzy shook his head, sighing.

"Fuzzington, everyone's gone." He began. "They've all been eaten by Volera."

Sir Fuzzington gasped. "Fuzzina, is she-"

"She was kidnapped just recently." Fuzzworth tried calming down his old friend. "I doubt she's been eaten, yet, but if we don't do anything soon, she'll be gone."

"Hold up." Bookley stepped in. "Would you care to explain this 'Volera' creature you two seem oh-so affiliated with?"

"I guess we should fill you all in..." Fuzzington ushered the group to take their seats in the isles of pews.

"It was a dark summer, years ago, before Fuzzworth had even become a priest. We came across a small plant, withering by the water's edge, and we attempted to tend to it. However, the more we fed it, the unhealthier it became. It wasn't until we accidentally watered it with an unfiltered source of water from the swamp that we realized it thrived on filth. And so, we intentionally fed it disgusting water, and it grew to be big and strong.

One day, one of the fuzzies went to feed Volera, and was eaten, causing mass hysteria throughout the community. Feeling I'd be blamed for the incident, I packed up my belongings, and left Bluegrass Bog, without looking back."

"While Fuzzington was gone, the villagers tried revolting against Volera. However, he was much too strong, and gobbled them all up without breaking a sweat. A beautiful golden coin fell into the swamp, one day, and Volera picked it up, eating it, as well. It was strange, that coin... It seemed to give him power, so much so that he was able to pollute the entire bog, making it his own happy, disgusting home. One by one, the fuzzies fell, until the remaining citizens eventually abandoned their homes and went into hiding.

However, that only angered Volera further, causing him to destroy everything under his terrible force. My chapel is the last remaining building, here, and I fear I will not be safe for too much longer. Just a couple of days ago, Lady Fuzzina came to visit me, and was plucked under the waters by the monster. I haven't seen the likes of it since."

"Mario...?" Layzee poked at the plumber's face, causing his eyes to shoot straight open. "WOAH, did you fall asleep during that?!?"

Fuzzworth sighed. "I do not blame the man, it is a long story, indeed."

Fuzzington looked over to Mario. "You said you needed to come here to save one of the guardians... I have a feeling that golden coin Fuzzworth saw may be the key to rescuing it and getting back our swamp."

"Mario..." Fuzzworth wondered. "If you decide to save our people from that creature, it will be a very treacherous battle. Are you sure you're up for the fight?" Mario nodded heroically.

"Good." Fuzzworth continued. "Now, Volera dwells within a large fortress he built out of his own, living vines. You'll need help crossing the swamp to reach it, though, I fear stepping into this water may not be too good of an idea. Luckily, there IS someone who may be able to be put to some assistance, he lives in a cave, hidden from Volera's watch behind the Crystal Waterfalls." Fuzzworth grabbed Bookley, opening him up to a blank page.

"I will not be able to assist you there, in my old age, however, I'll draw you a map, so to you don't find yourself lost along the way." Once he finished scribbling, he clicked his pen and handed Bookley back to Mario.

"I feel so violated..." Bookley muttered.

"Follow the path I've laid out for you, Mario. And be careful not to fall into the depths of the swamp." Fuzzworth retreated to an old treasure chest, pulling out a shiny pair of boots. "These should help you, some, to keep you from being pulled under. Good bye, and good luck!"

(Mario now has Super Boots, which you can use to perform a ground pound by pressing A while in midair. His jump attack is now 2.)

(And so, Mario, alongside Bookley, Koopus, and Layzee journey out into the Bluegrass Bog, following paths of wooden walkways, and scaling cliffs, fighting Swamp Puffs, Putrid Piranhas, Nep-Enuts, Buzzy Beetles, and Bzzaps along the way, until they find themselves at the base of a large, slimy, dried up waterfall, dripping with sludge and covered in vines. Mario then partakes in an almost minigame-like scaling of the booby trapped cliff, where falling results in having to start all over again.)

Koopus panted. "Geeze, I never want to go hiking again." Layzee fell to the floor, falling asleep, as the koopa grabbed onto one of her leafy arms, pulling her alongside him, and the group entered the dark, humid cave.

(From here on, there's more fighting, mainly Buzzy Beetles, Swoopulas, and Dry Bones, as the party moves through the almost dungeon-esque cave, until they meet with an unfamiliar voice.)

"ACK! W-WHO'S THERE?!?!?" The voice screeched. "S-stay back! I don't want to h-hurt you!"

"Relax, we aren't here to do you harm." Bookley started. "We're looking for someone who priest what's-his-face said could help us get into Volera's keep."

"V-volera...?" The voice emerged from the shadows, revealing a frightened Poison Puff, wearing a pair of flight goggles. "W-why would you want to go see Volera...?"

Koopus sighed. "Because we want to save the inhabitants of Bluegrass Bog, that's why."

"W-wait, you wanna r-rescue everyone?!?" The Puff zoomed toward Mario. "Are you CRAZY?!?!?!?" He then retreated back to the darkness, hiding behind a rock.

"Cmon, we have no time to argue with you, kid, if you want to help us, then help us. If you don't, well, we aren't stoppin, either way." Bookley began to turn around, when the Poison Puff cut him off from leaving.

"You can't get into Volera's fortress without me! You wouldn't even be able to step foot in this murky water without getting sucked down to your death!"

"Then stop being so frightened, and come help us." Bookley grinned smugly.

"Hnnnng..." The Poison Puff clenched his eyes. "Ohhhhh FINE!" He let out a breath, biting his lip, then continued. "M-my name's Scruff. I may not look it, b-but I actually make a pretty good flotation device..." He giggled. "Y-you can ride me anytime you need to-" His cheeks turned red in embarrassment, as he clenched his eyes shut again, turning away, trying to hide his face. "N-nevermind."






(And so, Mario uses Scruff to traverse across the deepest reaches of the swamp, reaching Volera's keep, a tall castle-like fortress built entirely out of living, pulsating vines. Inside, they fight small Flower Buds, Piranha Plants, Nipper Plants, and Brainwashed Fuzzies, as they make their way up to the top of the fortress, where they find Volera himself, waiting for them to arrive.)

"WELL, well well, now, I can't say I'm surprised you've made it this far, little pest! Too bad I knew about your plan all along!" Volera holds up a vine, revealing a captured Fuzzworth, struggling in fear.

"I gotta commend you, sneaky little things, I never even knew there was a guy capable of reachin my 'unreachable' castle hidden away behind the ol' waterfall! Sadly, this little fuzzy already told me about EEEEVERYTHIN I need to know. Honestly, I'm PUMPED, I haven't had a good, TOUGH fight in FOREVER! Shall we dance, plumber boy?!?"

"You honestly think you can beat us?!?" Bookley growled.

"Get ready to wilt, freakazoid." Koopus readied his stance.

"Be on your toes, guys!" Layzee reminded.

"C-can't back down, now." Scruff took a deep breath. "CHARGE!"


"Geezus, that thing's got an attitude as big as HE is. His name is Volera, his Max HP is 40, Attack is 4, Defense is 2. Watch out for his Flower Buds, they're each got a Max HP of 6, Attack of 2, and Defense of 0. They aren't too strong, but they can poison you relatively quickly, so make sure you don't give them the chance!"

"W-what?!?" Volera's vines began trembling. "I... I lost?!?" He looked around frantically, and his fortress began wilting around him, his petals falling off. "N-no! NOOOO! I'll get you, I SWEAR, I'LL GET YOU-" Before his sentenced finished, Volera's face crumbled away, as his dead, drying vines collapsed into one big pile, floating atop the water. Countless fuzzies began emerging from underneath the vines, shaking their heads and gathering their bearings as they watched the swamp begin to clean itself, almost magically. The water soon sparkled once more, the fog dissipated, the waterfalls began flowing again, and the sun beat down on the swamp, through gaps in the leaves from overhead.

A pink, female fuzzy, slightly bigger than the others, popped up from underneath the vines, shaking the dust off of herself.

"Lady Fuzzina!" Sir Fuzzington came running by, hugging her tightly, as they snuggled together happily.

"Fuzzington, the strangest thing occured to me. I remember being eaten by Volera, and being hit in the head by something he swallowed after." She searched through the vines, pulling up a small, golden coin. "Ah, here it is! I wanted to keep it, in case I made it out alive, so that I could give it to you as a gift."

Fuzzington took the coin, and smiled at her, then turned around and handed it to Mario. "I have no need to remember a time I almost lost you, darling. Mario, here. I believe you stated that you needed this?"

Mario grabbed the coin, causing the spell to break, releasing the third guardian.

"WHEEEEE! Hahahaha, I'm FINALLY out! And its all thank to you, Mister Mario! Thank you! ThankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouTHANKYOUUUUU!" The guardian hugged Mario rightly, squeezing the breath out of him. "Heh, whoops, got carried away, there, for a second. ANYWAYS, onto more business-y things, you've got three of us, now, on your side, Mario. Your strength will continue to grow, as your help us reclaim our rightful places. Its all up to you, at this point, if you are unable to stop Minoria, everything we know of will end, and all timelines will be at her mercy. We can't let her win, Mario, you've come much too far, already. I'm picking up a presence, a cry for help from one of the other guardians. If you get a ticket for a hot air balloon ride from Melodius, it should take you above the clouds, to Lullaby Hills, where you'll have to hike your way up to the highest peak. The guardian should be trapped within Metronome Tower, a giant clock tower that overlooks all of Trebellus. Hurry to, Mario, you must continue your journey, and I must return to my sanctuary to rejoin my brother and sister. Fight on!"

Mario can now use Falsetto, the third guardian of unity, and his powers in battle!


SP: 2

Spin the control stick to ring a bell, emitting a shockwave that causes dizziness, confusion, paralysis, and sometimes even stops enemies in their tracks!


Well, there you guys have it, that's all of Chapter 2! Tell me what you thought about it down in the comments, and in the meantime, I'll go work on Chapter 3. Till then? PEACE.

Paper Mario, and obviously the character, Mario, belong to the fabulous Nintendo, not me. This is just a fan-made storyline out of my imagination, so don't try to bust me for "copyright infringement." Seriously, this is all literally just for fun.

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