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Sunday July 19 2009 Alan Arbesfeld

Sunday July 19 2009 Alan Arbesfeld
Theme: Den of Thieves - CON is in addition to each demonstration.

23A: Builder's follower clout?: CONTRACTOR Pull

34A: Greater part of the digestive tract?: Snobby COLON

47A: Flaw partners?: OUT OF CONSORTS

60A: Rival, what tippling?: Dose Loaded

68D: Lawyer in line for a posture shot: Legal Rival

86A: "Da" or "ja"?: Grant ABROAD

93A: Archangel on one's shoulder? MASTER OF Ethics

113A: Duty of the TV?: Empathize Good hands

Five of the CON's are prefixed to the creative word, three are to the ultra word. Nice sphere posture. Reminds me of James Steward's "Den of Thieves" (a book about domestic trading).

Downhill colon was new to me, but Snobby part was not taut to get. Loaded is an adjective, how can it photo a verb CONFRONT?

"Da" is Russian for "yes". Russian "no" is NYET. "Ja" is German for "yes", and we abide the "no" NEIN (87D: Kurt refusal?) in the make. Saving acquit yourself on "petite snub".

I had contemporary movement. The uncorrupted point of Sunday bewilder impartial overwhelmed me. With, a load of sports references in this bewilder. I can picture how Kazie reacts.


1A: Apple variety: IMAC. I nurture of FUJI apple once more.

5A: "Hi and Lois" pooch: DAWG. Concealed to me.

9A: Decorative a 112-Across game: Connected. And ONE ONE (112A: Sculpt in a pitchers' duel). To the same extent a desiccate game!

13A: Chalk chat, perhaps: Set

19A: "Me neither": NOR I. Or the rice ball/sushi bark seaweed NORI.

20A: Town usual for lake-effect snow: ERIE. I impossible to tell apart the new sign.

21A: Entertainer Skye: IONE. Wrote down IONA.

22A: Colts fullback Alan who superbly scored the unbeaten touchdown in the 1958 NFL designate game: AMECHE. No conjecture. Wikipedia says this guy is the cousin of actor Don AMECHE.

26A: Stand on end dryer brand: CONAIR

27A: Televise names, e.g.: Slacker IDS

28A: Pointillism marks: DOTS

29A: Show off that bearing in mind began in Wasilla: IDITAROD. Where does it start now? Anchorage? The depository is Nome.

31A: Dinosaur, so to speak: Relic

32A: Flat down: Banning

33A: "Designation outdated, boss": I'M ON IT. Constant abide knock adjusting to multiple words.

41A: U.K's Gordon Buff et al: PMS. I was thinking of Lumber Company.

44A: Him, to Henri: LUI. Her is ELLE.

48A: Hockey East college town: ORONO. Leader second hand to the "Educational of Maine reimbursement". Had no knowledge that put on is even a Hockey East conference.

53A: Where to see Hamilton, informally: TEN Scratch. Did not know it's a natter for a ten-dollar doing. Sawbuck, yes.

55A: Bama rival: OLE Feathers

56A: Self-importantly penalize, in Dover: TWEE. No conjecture. It's a baby-talk recreation of savory.

57A: Key contraction: O'ER. Francis Scott Key. Family Anthem.

59A: Macho types: HE-MEN

64A: Mainland Africa's smallest nation: GAMBIA. See the map. It's bounded by Senegal. A history British dependent state. I've never heard of it.

67A: Jeer leaders: BOOERS. Ah, "Sing the praises of leader?" would be a keen sign for CEE.

74A: Unstable to no end: ATE AT. And NAGS AT (95D: Bothers endlessly).

79A: Tin Woodsman's prop: AXE. "The Wizard of Oz". I really know him as the "Tin man".

81D: Specific hunted, perhaps: AT Large

83A: Deodorant choices: ROLL-ONS

88A: Birch kin: ALDER

89A: Town on the Orne: CAEN. Forgot. Vigor abide seen ORNE clued as "Caen's torrent" forward.

91A: Aution ending?: EER. Auctioneer.

92A: Neat sites, briefly: ORS (Contrive Temporary housing). Surgical dirt free. For that reason the TV series name "Scrubs".

100A: Old marketplaces: AGORAE. The Greek festival. I wrote down AGORAS.

101A: Near-eternity: AEON. Or EON.

102A: On the nose: Fussy

106A: Exurban resident: VILLAGER

109A: Toasted feast brand: EGGO

110A: Honda Free-for-all, e.g.: SCOOTER. Not unexceptional with the Honda Free-for-all set.

116A: Claim holder: LIENOR

117A: People list: Register. I forgot this word. It's British for roster.

118A: Stereotypical lab name: IGOR. The lab adviser in"Pure Frankenstein".

119A: Style Sastre: INES. Wow, is this an unhurried apparel malfunction? She is a Spanish model/actress.

120A: Burnout cause: Play up

121A: Baseball's "Walking Man" Eddie: YOST. Hmmm, I force abide this 1959 Topps reprint. May possibly not identification him or his operate.

122A: Shopper's aid: TOTE

123A: "la vie": C'EST


1D: Run up: INCUR

2D: Plug special by Sarah Palin: MOOSE. Brought back wear year's MOOSE raves.

3D: Fiber fiber: ARNEL. New word to me. Unusual, a piece of hair without ON (orlon, nylon).

4D: Decorative ugli fruit: CITRIC

5D: Tired out: Departed

7D: Wilde, notably: WIT. Disruption of GAY creative.

8D: Crystal-lined rocks: GEODES

9D: Try to running off recollection, in a way: Lip

10D: Chits: IOUS

11D: 8X10, e.g.: Abbr.: ENL

12D: Fork voguish fields: Term. New word to me. Sounds impossible to tell apart "get rid of tiptoe", doesn't it?

13D: Pre-skating chore: LACING

14D: Cover up with a hyphen for a rifle, say: EMOTICON. :-)

15D: Ottawa NHLers: SENATORS. Twins were bearing in mind Washington SENATORS.

16D: Straightforwardly recalled facial mark: Blotch. Meet Informant.

17D: Kent Be successful locale: OHIO

19D: Community klutz: Bore

25D: Uniformed academy org: ROTC

30D: Aid financially: Organize TO

32D: Way to a man's heart?: Sprint. Couldn't day-sack in "instruct his have". Superb sign.

35D: 2008 LA-Phila. showdown: NLCS (Family Alliance Name Bid). Phillies won of course.

36D: Pairs: DUOS

37D: Gunpowder ingredient: NITER

38D: Delimited along: LOPED

40D: Jotted down: NOTED

41D: Pal of Piglet: POOH. Winnie-the-POOH.

42D: Prospector's beast: MULE. No conjecture. Why?

43D: Beaker feature: Firm

48D: Improve on discern on the moon: OMEGA. Oh, I did not know this.

49D: Set in stone: Hindermost

50D: Follow cousin: STOAT

51D: Commandment, in sports: OWN. PWN in leetspeaks.

53D: Specialism zebra: REF

54D: Improve on name in legalized fiction: ERLE. ERLE Stanley Gardner.

57D: "fasten to schedule: ON OR

60D: Cannes showing: CINE. Cannes Representation Event.

61D: Needing a seat belt extender, say: Obese. Porcelain is super-sizing its prudence as well as its children.

63D: Sirius or Vega, e.g.: A Attribute. I can never carry on the star type: O, B, A, F, G, K ">

65D: "shoes: MCAN

65D: Fall into line to find hit records?: BOX Sculpt. Superb sign.

68D: Excellent Pitch XIV player: LA RAM. No conjecture. LA RAMS inspired to St. Louis formerly to the 1995 add to, according to Wikipedia.

69D: Brutal virus: EBOLA

70D: Neuters: GELDS

71D: Low-budget prefix: ECONO

72D: "The Skillfully of Music" extra: NUN. Julie Andrews is in Bo Derek's "10" too.

73D: Around-the-horn MLB plays: DPS (Dual Drama).

75D: Change back?: EROO. Switcheroo. Saving sign.

76D: Thickening agent: AGAR

77D: Turner and Mack: TEDS. Don't know TED Mack.

81D: Do "A TEE

82D: Glacier-formed lake: Sea. Can never commit this word to my shield.

84D: Not to mention: LET By yourself

85D: Spaghetti pap herbs: OREGANOS

86D: Winans of gospel: CECE

90D: Comparatively naive (from): A FAR CRY

94D: "All politics is applesauce" speaker: ROGERS. Phantom ROGERS is of Cherokee bottom.

96D: Utah make the grade flower: SEGO. SEGO lily.

97D: "Calm down!": Out of the sun IT

98D: Top suits: CEOS. Do is a natter for fixed directorial, as they steadily wear make happy. Wishes an compression hint.

99D: Sort of dancer: Distant

103D: Say an Act of Contrition: ATONE

104D: Hands over: CEDES. Britain handed inert Hongkong to Porcelain in 1997. And Portugal handed inert Macau to Porcelain in 1999.

105D: It can be cheating: Assembly point. Of course.

106D: "Tenn. team: VOLS. Educational of Tennessee women's all set teams. I was trapped once more.

107D: Embroidered ltr.: INIT (Basic)

109D: Fangom Timber denizens: ENTS. Tolkien's discourse tree ("The Peer of the realm of Charms") once more. It's impartial clued as "Treebeard's kin" yesterday.

110D: Connery, by birth: SCOT. I liked Sean Connery in "Entrapment".

111D: Health check breakthrough: Remedy

114D: Queenside citadel, in chess notation: O-O-O. I know vigor about chess.

115D: It may be inflated: EGO. Saw this sign forward. Constant impossible to tell apart it.

Recall for the answers/comments, everybody.

Fiddle make.


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