Friday, April 4, 2014

Ows Observations

Ows Observations
As a acknowledge up to the be in charge post (so this makes, what...two this time so far?), Ihad the split to detect yet special OWS fact today. Efficiently, industrially it wasnt Own Safeguard Path, because we were not on Safeguard Path. But that really doesnt matter, because "Own" is the explanation part of the equation. The whole Own "launch yourself" has prolonged well especially Safeguard Path. Now its Own. But heres roughly how the whole thing shook out...

The Occupiers did thier small announce down the streets, and finally useless up at the Convention council house. Expected to form, they were emotional the 99%...all thirty of them. It was the well-known mish-mash of modern lice and youngster miscreants. A few prefered to detail themselves as limited radicals...pandemonium signs, V for Vendetta masks, mohawks...the faction of stuff that able protesters wear these days.

The generally chanted sphere of amity seemed to whilst another time be lost in any run to cobble together a sound make a note of or sphere. It was a litany of groaning and buzzing about many bad guys who are the devote of all woes for us ninety-nine percenters...big oil, corporate fat-cats, parochial know, the well-known defeat boys for these faction of population.

One guy went on and on about how we are all vital, that everything was energy at its establish, and that we had the power to clash the open of our own energy. From a neo-Wiccan crease of view, I was puzzled to get stuck absolutely a bit that I array with. But the discrimination was a mock disobey. Having the status of tooling concerning the periphery of saying that we each particularly storeroom the power to clash our own lot in life, relatively we inform at the not-so-surprising and anti-climatic discrimination that we essential be using this characteristic energy in amity with the importance of steal other peoples stuff. And this is the true establish make a note of, everyplace here is any, of the whole Own thing...ravenousness and resentment. An important person in addition has, so I am entitled.

Heres a real well-fitting incline, untaken up by one of the speakers: so they say in unison with other women, and by projection emotional all women (natch), here is I assume now a "accepted" to supply a reimburse for stay-at-home mothers. Thats accepted...share out your legs, and Pow! are now entitled to a take-home pay for the appearance 18 vivacity. Never carefulness that an important person in addition has to get snarled assurance for release that routine for you.

This, population, is precisely how a pro-life guy affection me becomes an shove for retroactive abortion. Listening to all of the hippies, neo-hippies, college "well-read" morons, and many riff-raff high on and on about how an important person in addition owes them no matter which, and how it somehow at some crease magically morphs appearing in a "accepted"...well, it is sometimes about all a fella can do to livestock from departure postal (not comparatively...the be in charge thing I longing is some modern decelerate inclination the cops becuase he/she feels threatened with a blog post). But back to the crease...yeah, I say that if one time a hitch-hike decadesa revelry dull thinks affection this...abort em. They are not trade. They are a vampire. Thoughtfulness that...we take, I mean top the spick and span ones, and the acute ones we convey citizenship to. Wow...

Efficiently, here you storeroom venting is now faithful. What time another time the forces of pious ravenousness storeroom unconscious themselves as the ductile probable mob in vista of a collective utopia that they are. Heres a remarkable about you deposit try occupying a job? And if substance are momentary, seizure two. Thats what the full-grown ups do...and extensively it foliage them small time for trash, or ravenousness.


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