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Supernatural Power Pitra

Supernatural Power Pitra
Magical Win over - PITRU / PITRA

Above all peoples hold tight the questions about Pitru analogy Who is Pitru? What is Pitru Dosh ? What Pitru do ? Why are they worshiped ? Expound are compound explanations total by one priests or any other babas but in spite of this uncrowdedness is in doubt. To reveal the truth today i am sharing the real information which will visual all the worries about Pitru and Pitru Dosh. Vision this will each evade you in simply...

What IS PITRA OR Respect OF "PITRU" :

Magical Win over - PITRA

"Pitru" is referred to our fill or frontier members who hold tight dead. As per our scriptures Pitru are shut down to God "MARKANDAY PURAAN", but if we make Pitru at ease after that it is not hard to make God at ease. Pitru are as substantial as and match to God. Pitru are very strong and look forward to in bestow and sink command. If the Pitru are at ease after that nearby inevitability be puzzle free life but if they are not at ease after that life is full of difficulties, issues and complexity. This is bona fide unmarried in the plaster if Pitru in a frontier exists. It is not necessary that every frontier hold tight Pitru. Pitru is a momentous and God is the ultimate destination. So or else starting of any "Shubh Karya" or Clearly work it is necessary to worship them. In plaster if Pitra did not worshiped or provided with the stuff after that that is intense to God after that that work will never be put the last touches on fruitfully. It has been seen in a number of bags that "Pitru" input in develop of any of the frontier taking sides and at hand their anger/wish by saying in family discourse "Mein Taal Diya" which conduit "you too small to see me". Following on after guilt and worshiping they blessthe frontier and after that their work put the last touches on efficiently.

WHO Receive "PITRU" ?

Expound are several tradition about Pitru and a number of peoples don't even know about Pitru. Impending to the special now all dwell in frontier taking sides who die pretentious "Akaal Miritu" i.e. in decrease, by defile or died with some wish discontented become Pitru. It is not obligatory that all become Pitru but greatest of them surely are. Pitru is a "Yoni" mean "a differentiate world". Every one frontier has its own fixed Pitru and unmarried dwell in frontier members can worship them for successfull come to blows. As death if the died occupant character goes in Pitru Yoni that conduit he requests to be worshiped for adjoining 7 lifetimes. Pitru does not go in illusion or hell they hold tight their own world and they always allied with their frontier turn over the partnership exists(End of this world). Expound are several bags in which compete die quickly but they don't become Pitru, this is equally they don't want any dutiful of stay alive from their frontier after death and dispel them self in God.


Expound are in essence two type cataloging of "Pitru::

A) Aadi Pitru:These are dwell in who hold tight the charge to invent the world of Pitru world. Like on earth imply pitru worshipped after that their part are reached to them by the help of Aadi pitru. They never related to any frontier. They are the free from all folks and very very powerful. They hold tight power to do all weird and moving works geologically. They believe in God and doesn't reason if they are worshiped or not. God has the balding powers to work for that one. These Pitru are takes part voguish "Bhajans" and "Satsang" and after eating some time in "Pitru Yoni" they melted voguish God.

B) Model Pitru: These are dwell in who are died but in spite of this hold tight point of view with their frontier stormily. These pitru want the extraordinarily exalt as they are getting or else death. They became very gloomy, despite the fact that they don't harm the frontier very much but trade fair creates the complexity analogy money, defile or ailment keeps on coming. They want their bhog and exalt on time. They are very effective in involvement come to blows and bearing in mind at ease can get you history come to blows. Like unpleasant work for them is not hard. They can spoil the human luck even.


1) Pitru are the God of frontier and reverberating part of frontier even after death..2) Pitru can cash in us from several out of character complexity and accidents anyplace life can lost.3) Pitru can glow conditions lively and vigorous to get achievement in work4) Pitru provides requisition and prosperity.Expound are added powers which are not describable related to Pitru.


1. Dim Pitru will lead to fruitless, unmerciful life.2. Reverse in ad and improved the frontier tensions.3. Poor kids remained ill on the whole.4. Need of money and fails of assignments.

Expound are several added issues which bent at whatever time Pitru unfulfilled.

No question that a occupant worship God how much but if he has Pitru and frontier doesn't worship that Pitru after that even the God will be not in a keep to do any help. This is equally God has total the Pitru match place.


This easy quarter is very hot that if Pitru are our frontier erstwhile members and was esteemed by us and vice versa, after that why after death they glow issues in life with their living frontier members? The response is that every one on this earth requests exalt and timely bhog. If these two stuff are nearby on time after that one becomes at ease and work added now then. Exact thought is bona fide on Pitru each. As "Pitru" is a "Yoni" trade fair analogy us. The way we pro exalt and food on time the extraordinarily way Pitru each want the extraordinarily stuff with their frontier members. Nonetheless they are not breathing but they want their respectl on time. They go on analogy we go on but the unmarried gap is the Invention. We go on on this lok and they in "Pitru Lok". If Pitru are at ease after that related frontier will be surely at ease.


The food which is presented in the exalt of "Pitru" is municipal as "Pitru Bhog". They global corridor sweets encouragingly thoroughly Halwa and "Kheer"(Rice Boiled in Milk with Pet) a traditional Indian Lovely Bowls.


One requests to cook for too long a barricade of dry cow dung and make it red with fire and after that sink it to place anyplace they want to presented them their stuff. Now put the burned red cow dung on hop place and after that sink 'Ganga Jal' (Pond of Ganga Watercourse) in hand and volley roughly that place. This act will spoil the place voguish Pious and after that some "Halwa or Kheer" request to poured stuck-up the burned red cow dung and at the same time volley the ghee (Increase) Then all frontier members requirement speed up the "Pitru" by his name and requirement say that comfortable corridor your food and bless us.


This requirement total bearing in mind in a month on "Amawas" or "Amawasya" Sad or "Full Black Sad" weak spot moon in English.Pitru corridor their Being unmarried bearing in mind in a month and after that remained at ease whole month.

Identification OF "PITRU":

Various compete say that we turn over in your mind we hold tight Pitru but we are not definite and we would analogy to know them.The fixed idea to this is very simple.Expound are readily three ways to sense the Pitru:

i. Do the path (Entr) of 11th Stage of "Shri MadBhagvat Gita" and after that with in 2-3 days the Pitru will come out in the dream. And Then you request to start worshiping them.

ii. In the same way as resting sink coating or trade fair colorant hands and legs and after that speed up God and pray that "My Pitru comfortable come out in dream and make me easily upset about you as i am not lovely to observe you" They may come in any form analogy slither or in any other form. The unmarried puzzle is that they will not open their outline, you request to obvious them or you can give in advance top-quality of this field for added chronicle.

iii. This is the greatest effective road to know their body. Any mask work anyplace you are not definite that it will turn of not after that assign it to Pitru and prayed them that if you really come into view after that make this work heavy and at whatever time it happens after that i will start to worship you with my frontier and after that all we will corridor your apparition. If Pitru is nearby I your frontier after that simply work lively turn and after that you can sense them.


Persons families who hold tight Pitru but they don't worship and believe in them automatically become the handle of "Pitru Dosh"..


Harmonizing to all God, Pitru hold tight each their own special "Hand-puppet" or "Yantra" which is municipal as "Pitruon Ki Patdi". This is very powerful and obedient. This Yantra shows the quick lively come to blows and global dwell in compete use it who couldn't sense their Pitru for some time and because of that time their Pitru were disturb. Image

Pitru are very dutiful and geologically can be making at ease. They trade fair request exalt, breakdown and on time. If intense and worshiped nicely with full exalt after that nonentity is unpleasant in life and achievement will always in hand.

Caring OF TARPAN :

6 types of Tarpans are -

i. Manushyapitrutarpanii. Yamtarpaniii. Divyapitrutarpaniv. Divyamanavtarpanv. Rishitarpanvi. Devtarpan

Vital Hymn Oblige TO Sad music at the time of tarpan is-


That's all for Pitru today, if someone hold tight any doubt even now, Then move free to dealings me:

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