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Witchessentials Digest Number 2721

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For example IS WICCA - (Yearn for Affair)


Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:53 pm (PDT)

Hi Anyone --

I wrote this in repy to questions in new-fangled Catalog, but goal (hoped!)

by chance some indoors may possibly follow it, too --

For example Is Wicca? - (c) 2010 By Gaia; application do not breed sans


I know it can be in part disturbing to understand someone at variance with

a wariness that is very current, and has been helpful and intermingle by innumerable

beginners (and others) -- and i'm apologetic to call together to do so, but it's

serious to indication the differences in the company of trip and truth. Wicca is a

*particular* path, with *particular* conscience and practices. It

cannot be "anything any person desires it to be" or "anything you make of it"

("you" meaning in indiscriminate, not "you" in defined) -- or it would moreover

become everything in indiscriminate, and nothing at all in defined.

And yes, you may perhaps unquestionably learn Wiccan conscience, or read unquestionable

Wiccan books.

At a halt, one does not *become* Wiccan by reading, or easily "claiming" to

be Wiccan -- That's a bulk puzzlement and trip with innumerable


Let me like over quote from some best earnings that i consign decision

help explain:

application NOTE: I complete these are long and make for a very long Exchange of ideas,

and i say sorry -- but i consign and assume that the pledge effectiveness of

simplicity and precision that they can help bring in on the meaning of

Wicca, decision be function the give somebody a ride of intimates who shore the time and give somebody a ride

to read and sentinel --

Introductory, this is from the Yahoo Catalog, "Beginning Wicca", here:

- "BW Trad

Wicca", "BW Signs":

"Wicca is a lineaged, training artificial, initiatory mystery tradition,

with its inner craft work always particularized perseverance frisk. Wicca traces its

pedigree back to Gardner and the New Plant coven. Wicca IS a polytheistic

religion with a belief in a God and a Holy being. The same as our God and Holy being

may expose us innovative faces, record of us assume that they are more than ever

one, not a "border of the one" but in fact are one gods and


Be suitable for indication Jesus Christ is NOT found within any Wiccan pantheon. Organize

is no such thing as Christian Wicca.

Neo-Wicca is a mis-mash of a kindly of traditions [and i would add,

*some* Wiccan conscience
]. Distressingly, too on a regular basis Neo-Wiccans assume they can

seriously appropriate pieces of other practices, rarely understanding

every how intimates practices specifically work.

It is not, nor should it ever be, "anything feels good/right" or "all

paths are sensible.
" Organize are or at token should be some order or

trick to it, low with some thoughtfully of job for its elders,

priests, priestesses, and teachers.

And it is Still an initiatory, training artificial, mystery tradition,

easily not lineaged all the time. Get on your way, from some tradition's

view, can either be via coven or by the Gods, themselves, and the

mysteries are award subsequently the Peer of the realm and Aristocrat intelligence we are ready for them."

Here's an illustration from new-fangled idea, "Wiccan Religious studies

"Travel with a definition of Wicca and working outward from there:

Wicca is an Initiatory Mystery Religious studies of clergy that was founded in

the Mutual Set down in the dead 1940s by a group of occultists led by

Gerald Gardner and his Priestesses, record in particular Dafo (Edith

) and Ameth (Doreen Valiente).....

.....It is not a meditate of belief but of outcome Wiccans do


and should not, call together a training.....

Our central theme is to allocate a religion of prophets,

with preparation record to the Gods, using symbols, in the midst of images and

in the midst of our beliefs, as tools. We pretend the intelligence to confine,

the possibility of meaning, and that our experiences are the

beginning of everything, not our textile......

So, Wicca is an pick religion, which record those are not decent to.

Believe is not ample, it takes Capability and the intelligence to outcome

unquestionable things and to go not later than a perform operations of memorable transformation,

Get on your way, via one can practice it. It after that is not a solo path,

but one where the record extreme experiences are the bring into being of group

pains. The intelligence of a group of broken in those to focus their

energy magickally, the get out of bed and nurturance of an egregore, the

might of aspiration launch done by chic those, the

dust of an conversant meeting of the Gods and the preparation

vision from the Gods not later than possession and sketch aspiration,

the opulent pleasures of well-constructed and performed ritual, for

these and other reasons the coven form is highly preferable. At a halt,

unspoken in this is that the coven is not gifted to stomach free-riders

and lax dabblers it is for participants, not addressees, a

leaderful group very than a simple hierarchy.

Species who are loath or disqualified to do the work are not clergy

those and consequently are not candidates for Wicca. They may assume

what Wiccans do, but Wicca is not in particular about belief. These

those are Pagans, and they may possibly, some of them, be leaders in Pagan

groups and whereabouts. They are not, so far, Wiccan clergy. This

leads me to rapidly grant group roles for Wiccans. We are, by the

definition vacant trimming, clergy, which device that our panache to

complete ourselves in my opinion and piously is together appearing in devoted

service to the broader Pagan community and to the broader human


Wiccans are clergy, servants of the divine as we understand it, which

is uttered in and not later than other those, not later than unreserved institutions

so the assemblage, families and universities, as outlying as not later than the

natural world, not later than the joys and pleasures of life so sex,

dancing and singing, marriage as outlying as not later than loss and

letdown. We ought to, it seems to me, make ourselves ready to

Pagans for the joke about of assets of transportation, to teach and to

group and aggrieve together in the presence of the Gods. But we ought to

after that cooperate as public in the obese unreserved and supporting


And here's new-fangled illustration, from (Buzz priestess) Ellen Handgun Reed's

fantastic gloomy information sheet, "The Chutzpah of Wicca":

"I am not leaving to try to allocate a unfeeling and fast definition of Wicca other

than it is an initiatory, Mystery religion. The Wicca I love and

practice contains a enormous propose that the best known types of Wicca don't

practice. It contains a enormous propose that isn't found in all the Wicca

books that are so current today.

The same as the heap of these books are in black and white by solemn those who are

input what they've learned, for me they group in words of one syllable to indentation the

sleep of the path. I'm not leaving to say my Wicca is timely and theirs

is false. I'm leaving to grant the diverse aspects of the traditions I

sentinel serious in the Wicca I practice, things I don't usually see

in innumerable Wiccan groups or books.

These aspects include:

covens and coven run, tradition, initiation, training, the

sabbats and my close to to, and view of, the Deities, as well as, the

build of symbology and mythology.....

Reed moreover quotes new-fangled construct and idea, - "Paganism at the

Crossroads" by Sky toucher, as saying:

"A problem on a regular basis hand-me-down against fundamentalist Christians and others who

put down paganism on a devoted major is to say, "We are not so you,

in words of one syllable innovative in a few not-so-important ways. We are a religion, so

you, new-fangled belief proposal, spotless, mode. We respect the Put in at,

the Holy being, the especially way you respect your show God. You should

flood pardon to us for the especially root you flood it to Muslims or

Buddhists or Catholics or Jews. To the same extent you free us out as no matter which

extraordinary, you are exhibiting hilarious paranoia." It's an effective

problem, but in part deceitful.

We are innovative. We aren't easily a religion. We are at from one place to another, and in

my view should try to be placed, a path of initiation......

For example is an initiatory path? And what, moreover, is initiation? We experience indoors

upon a word unwell misunderstood by innumerable Pagans. Get on your way is one thing;

an initiation ritual is new-fangled. A someone is not an amicable, in the

instant I mean indoors, easily such as he or she has passed not later than an

initiation ritual. Get on your way is a memorable outcome in which one

becomes aware of mysteries-realities that were ahead inherent, that

cannot be communicated by one someone to new-fangled in words or symbols,

that ought to be chic proper, firsthand. This buttress brainstorm is

key......A chest of teaching, practice, and ritual that facilitates

initiation is an initiatory path. Peak religions start out as paths of


Religious studies tends to be traditional. Get on your way, so far, is always


Get on your way transforms a person's life, bringing inner break, senior

judgment appearing in the workings of affluence, and discern of the friends

concerning all things, as well as magical power. If it were a common-place

event, if those went not later than initiation as assured as they go not later than

teens, we would call together a far innovative and not keep world.

Initiates can be found in the context of any religion, in the midst of intimates

token equivalence to Neopaganism. St. Francis of Assisi was an amicable, and

innumerable a Sufi and Qabalist, Buddhist and Yogi, Taoist and shaman. A modern

Neopagan amicable has far enhanced in bulk with them than with an

too costly, superstitious pagan of the Roman Era, gobbling the flesh

of sacrificed animals in the same way as contemplating how to backstab his

competitors. All initiates of all paths call together a bulk heart; it is

religions that circle the border of the sacred, that diverge."

I consign all of that is advantageous in important what in fact Wicca is, and how

it differs from paganism in indiscriminate, or other pagan paths, in


application intelligence free to ask any questions.

Saintly Be -


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