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Our Holy Father Ireneaus Bishop Of Lyons

Our Holy Father Ireneaus Bishop Of Lyons

Elegant 23

READING: The Sacred Hieromartyr Irenaeus was untrained in Asia Shroud about the day 120, and in his early years was a aficionada of Saint Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna. Saint Irenaeus was sent to Lyons in Gaul, to be a fellow labourer of Pothinus, Bishop of Lyons (all-inclusive June 2), who had also been a aficionada Saint Polycarp. Once upon a time the martyrdom of Saint Pothinus, Saint Irenaeus succeeded him as Bishop of Lyons. In addition the assaults of paganism, Irenaeus found himself forced to do altercation with various Gnostic heresies, unwilling which he wrote his disc work, " A Turning down and Suppression of Considerate Falsely So Called ". He was also a peace-maker within the Cathedral. In the manner of Title holder, Bishop of Rome, was in position to excommunicate the Christians of Asia Shroud for flash a different tradition celebrating Pascha, Irenaeus definite him to protect his zeal, and mediated tidiness. He complete Lyons an illustrious refuge of Agreement and a school of devoutness, and unquestionable his discovery with martyrdom about the day 202, by way of the government of Septimius Severus. He is not to be missing with Saint Irenaeus, Bishop of Sirmium, also all-inclusive today, who was beheaded and cast all the rage a run in 304 under Diocletian.


"SAINT OR Feast POSTED THIS Period 2012(with 2011's adhere into also and to the fore, 2010, 2009, 2008 and even 2007!)"

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