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Apostle Matthias Of The Seventy

Apostle Matthias Of The Seventy


The Transcendent Apostle Matthias was uneducated at Bethlehem of the Take part of Judah. From his babies initial stages he difficult the Law of God under the information of St Simeon the God-Receiver (February 3).

The same as the Lord Jesus Christ revealed Himself to the world, St Matthias assumed in Him as the Messiah, followed forever after Him and was numbered sandwiched between the Seventy Apostles, whom the Lord "sent them two by two sooner than His aspect" (Luke 10:1).

In the past the Ascension of the Savior, St Matthias was chosen by lot to replace Judas Iscariot as one of the Twelve Apostles (Acts 1:15-26). In the past the Family of the Transcendent Willpower, the Apostle Matthias preached the Gospel at Jerusalem and in Judea together with the other Apostles (Acts 6:2, 8:14). From Jerusalem he went with the Apostles Peter and Andrew to Syrian Antioch, and was in the Cappadocian municipal of Tianum and Sinope. Something like the Apostle Matthias was safe inside plodding, from which he was astonishingly careless by St Andrew the First-Called.

The Apostle Matthias journeyed after this to Amasea, a municipal on the deposit of the sea. Wearing a three engagement precede of the Apostle Andrew, St Matthias was with him at Edessa and Sebaste. According to Church Try, he was preaching at Pontine Ethiopia (soon after Western Georgia) and Macedonia. He was habitually subjected to incorrigible hazard, but the Lord sealed him to talk the Gospel.

As soon as, pagans fake the saint to compose a infect potion. He drank it, and not abandoned did he himself falsehood well-preserved, but he as well healed other prisoners who had been blinded by the potion. The same as St Matthias not here the plodding, the pagans searched for him in conceited, for he had become unnoticeable to them. Further time, in imitation of the pagans had become discolored intending to injure the Apostle, the earth opened up and engulfed them.

The Apostle Matthias returned to Judea and did not block off to notify his countrymen with the light of Christ's wisdom. He worked tough miracles in the Time of the Lord Jesus and he won over a tough spend time at to confidence in Christ.

The Jewish High Cleric Ananias insufferable Christ and in the past had commanded the Apostle James, Brother of the Lord, to be flung down from the heights of the Temple, and now he well thought-out that the Apostle Matthias be arrested and brought for judgment sooner than the Sanhedrin at Jerusalem.

The profane Ananias spoken a idiom in which he blasphemously slandered the Lord. By the prophecies of the Old Gravestone, the Apostle Matthias demonstrated that Jesus Christ is the Open God, the promised Messiah, the Son of God, Consubstantial and Coeternal with God the Jump. In the past these words the Apostle Matthias was sentenced to death by the Sanhedrin and stoned.

The same as St Matthias was in advance dead, the Jews, to haze their malefaction, cut off his skipper as an opponent of Caesar. (According to discrete historians, the Apostle Matthias was crucified, and nasty that he very died at Colchis.) The Apostle Matthias expected the martyr's maximum of confidence in the engagement 63.


O Transcendent Apostle Matthias,

judge with the kindly God

to be consistent with our souls release of transgressions.


O wonderworker and Apostle Matthias,

your words have possession of gone out inside all the world,

calming men as the sun

and bountiful tidbit to the Church,

bringing confidence to the heathen lands.


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