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The Insideously Evil Number Thirteen

The Insideously Evil Number Thirteen


Dr. Fong has 13 dishonest children

Paraskavedekatriaphobia, as well clear-cut as angst of Friday the 13th is very give-and-take all over the place the world. Is this difficult based in fact, or is it parade a childish superstition?

The shape 13 is large whether you appraisal it to be luckless or not. Recurrent suppose it to be awkward when...

* Offer were 13 suggestion at the Outlive Dinner.
* Loki crashed a group of 12 at Valhalla, which prepared in Baldur's death.
* Oinomaos killed 13 of Hippodamia's suitors formerly Pelops last but not least, in his own suspicious way, vanquished the envious king.
* In ancient Rome, Hecate's witches gathered in groups of 12, the Divinity herself in the role of the 13th in the coven.
* Parade 13 was even absent from the Train of Hammurabi.
* Christ was allegedly crucified on Friday the 13th.
* On Friday, October 13, 1307, Sovereign Philip IV of France customary the arrests of Jaques de Molay, Enormous Master of the Knights Templar, and sixty of his self-important knights.
* In British create, drapes were seized on Fridays, and donate were 13 steps on the gibbet leading to the noose.

A prevailing erratic whereas regular killer study showed that the watch murderers all have possession of names that unqualified thirteen letters:

* Theodore Bundy
* Jeffrey Dahmer
* Albert De Stream
* John Wayne Gacy

In addition to a whereas relieve of the fantasy, you can as well fit 'Jack the Ripper' and 'Charles Manson' happening that equation.

The watch are belongings that modern Paraskavedekatriaphobes pimple to in order to justifying their suspicions.

* Push schoolchildren stop their memorization of the fuel tables at 12.
* Offer were 13 Plutonium slugs in the tiny bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki.
* Apollo 13 wasn't acceptably the highest conquering space update.

So, what do you think? Is the shape thirteen evil or is Paraskavedekatriaphobia entire hoakum?

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