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Exceedingly, initial of all the skepticism arises: do Neo-Pagans spot Valentines Day?

With researching it, I inkling that some Neo-Pagans rule think that this holiday is excessive. We keep in check our Beltane and Midsummer at the back all, how frequent lovey-dovey holidays do we need? Exceedingly as it turns out we do spot Valentine's Day. And we very soon do so while of Lupercalia.

Lupercalia took place amid Febrary 13th and 15th. It is a very ancient affluence holiday, stretching back even beforehand the Roman era, which it's most connected with. The gala is half about the recoil of Romulus and Remus who, according to rumor, were raised by a wolf. In fact, Lupercalia practice "wolf gala." The holiday is exceedingly connected with the goddess Juno and the god Faunus. In the olden days, people eminent by sacrificing a goat and a dog, having a matchmaking sweepstake, and compelling women with bleak carpet of animal parts in order to try out their affluence. The holiday was very into, celebration of Lupercalia continued well modish the 500s.

So how did it get to be Valentines Day? Donate is no beyond link amid a Saint Valentine and romance, nor is show any CD of behind or why the Christianization of the holiday occurred. Numerous recognize that even at the back Lupercalia was abolished, the look over of this time as a "mating harden" hindered. Some Christian organizations keep in check come clean in saying that February 14th has nothing to do with any of the countless saints named Valentine, and some even preference to ban the holiday. Pronto, Neo-Pagans are satisfactory with celebrating Valentine's Day the self-same way that any person as well does, with cards and sweets.

Now back to the name. Valentine (talented "VAH-lehn-tiyn") is a form of Valentinus, which is consequent from the Latin "valens", meaning "strong," or "powerful." It has never charted as a girls name, but as a boys name it's an old produced favorite. It peaked in the 1910s at #501, and then listlessly petered out of fit until it dead in the 1950s. That makes Valentine a scarcity at the concern. It's variations are complementary story. In 2009 Valentina peaked at #203, Valentino at #768, and Valentin at #736.

Perhaps it's the visionary in me, but I love Valentine and all of it's alterations. In fact, this whole holiday unbiased makes me preference to tie up up with my sweetie and examine Amelie. So I'm devoting this week to names that mean love, or ones about love, and oh my God there's so frequent of them. I rule keep in check to do this the week of Beltane and Midsummer as well.

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