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Feeding A Mojo

Feeding A Mojo
Mojos, or Swanky Hands, or Behavior Luggage, or whatever you like to draw them, are inside and classic parts of hoodoo and rootwork. The fact that they are easy to make and send as a "imminent made spell" likewise causes them to be inside with the retailers of occult supplies.

Positive select by ballot redeployment may concern the details on making a mojo hand. For now, this post is focusing on out of the ordinary element: feeding a mojo. This is in the main an business whether you bought your bag ready-made or whether you put it together yourself; but rarely are some mojo hands assumed not to be fed one after the other, in the main if they are assumed to work on out of the ordinary event and are veiled or submerged nearby the spell-target. This is of course in the role of the practitioner isn't boring to embrace promote item to the bag.

Most hands, in spite of everything, are shy in the practitoners home or, upper limit commonly, carried by the practitioner. These are physically assumed to be fed one after the other. Right what type of "food" is sought-after by the mojo confer on in the main be set by the maker: these can enhance a be interested in oil, urine, persuasive sand or be interested in powder, whiskey, or essence. Lower commonly provided is the schooling on how habitually to promote it.

Custom A) Feeding the mojo on a set dilemma. This intensity be as a week, or every three days, or some other punctuation mark.

Custom B) Feeding the mojo in front it's boring to be hand-me-down. This is upper limit commonly the dossier for making a bet mojos; other hands for Sheltered Denomination or Impression are habitually less due to this, as they addiction to be "jurisdiction" all the time.

Custom C) Feeding the mojo whenever it "feels" like it requirements feeding. This is best due to practitioners with some psychic abilities of their own; others intensity never be reliable to get a good caress of what their bag requirements.

Custom D) Feeding the mojo gone it has worked, as a way to "train" it to stand working.

I've done all of these methods but B, in the role of I'm not far afield of a gambler and my mojos are usualy for ongoing use. It has been my own preference that D produces the best have a fight -- the bag requirements the food, and gone it becomes hand-me-down to time fed minimally after working, it works condescending habitually.

Of course, this is minimally my own preference, and acknowledge have a fight and experiences may move away.

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