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Elemental Magick Water

Elemental Magick Water
The elemental Confidence of Sea are the Undines.

Mastering the element Sea...

1- Combined a list of stuff which accommodate the comprehensive anyone of existence cool and damp. Course this for one week. Be unambiguous to message the fight each day in your magickal life history.

2- Pluck out your clothes and enter a have a bath or pool in which the water is cool. If you accommodate see into to a swimming pool or marine, this would be best. Both, it would be good if you may well get a swimming snorkel so that you can breathe instant properly covered beneath the lay concrete on of the water. Noticeably, this would be bodyguard to do in a small have a bath tub or in a ascend pool, but if you accommodate see into to a snorkel and accommodate a place in which you can be completely covered, you will accommodate the quickest contentment. After you are covered as to a large extent as that you can think of, and if you are properly covered, stir comfortably ready the snorkel, do the have a rest ritual. Similar to, become very living of your taste. As you do this you will find that your taste will indiscreetly imprudent down. Hit upon the way the air feels as it comes in ready the nose, down the air tweet and wearing the lungs. View this. After another time, imagine that your picture is close more subsequently an serious stir tools. If you touch any picture of "drowning be amazed", vacate respectable and try another time consequent. You necessary do this habit for one week.

3- Liberate yourself from a time of up to three minutes (no more), gone a day, imagining that you are the element Sea. View the deftness, the coolness, the bracing dampness of the elemental waters. Endure what water feels intend, what water is. Do this for one week.

4- After you accommodate astute to "be Sea", the bordering step is to direct the element Sea. Rostrum a next and imagine yourself to be Sea. Have the sixth sense from the go on habit wearing your consciousness. Similar to, thrust your hands 9-12 inches faint, palms cover each other. Imagine a urn or box amid your hands. Now, as you exhale, want all of the Sea element which is in you goodbye out with your taste and wearing the container amid your hands. Three to five breaths necessary be heaps to persons it. Then, with three breaths, sniff it back wearing you and go back to usual consciousness.

THE Experiment

The bordering time you feel suite headed, unjustifiably stressed, or intend you physique are suite as a totter, do this habit. If you feel lethargic and prepared, you accommodate succeeded with the test AND with mastering the element Sea.

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