Thursday, August 1, 2013

There A Baby On The Way

There A Baby On The Way
It is held that at Litha, the Idol is end with pregnancy from the mating at Beltane. Nevertheless it seems that I tendency be especially tribute the Blood relation aspect of Idol this Summer Solstice as I'm in the family way myself! I'm due Feb 8th!

The doctor unquestionable my pregnancy on the noteworthy day that my oldest son was graduating from high school. Doubtful me, my mind was blown to know that I'm preparing to continue a darling while my "darling" is preparing to recipe adulthood!

I know I haven't been rearrangement a lot in the past few minutes, but start looking for posts on pregnancy and finally babies! I've earlier started play electioneer on "pagan pregnancy." I'm so excited! I'm excited about the extreme P.S. to my household of course, but it's uncontrollable to continue a new aspect of household paganism to blog about. Don't probationary it won't all be prenatal posts. Living in the family way has complete me start "nesting" earlier and has breathed new life all the rage my practice as a household pagan. (Pun hazard.) So existing tendency be a lot in addition posts about household paganism in comprehensive.

Decorate for permanent a reader the take up again few months! I know I've been nice-looking laissez-faire about rearrangement regularly but I promise that tendency curve.

Further, existing is the Witchy Read-a-thon coming up soon! Click show to find out in addition information and sign up for that week want reading require.

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