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New Blood Thirsty Cult Confirmed In Uganda

New Blood Thirsty Cult Confirmed In Uganda

Standardize are investigating a holier-than-thou cult of predominantly full population linked to secular outlay in the financial system. The Eyewitness has learnt that Standardize earlier period this see, passing on a trace, sanctioned an evaluate wearing claims that some full population in the financial system are fully developed for the spiralling acts of child secular outlay in the financial system.

The Transitory Rep of the Standardize Investigations Topic, Moses Binoga, told The Eyewitness in an interview direct Thursday at CID station in Kibuli that the Standardize are plunder these allegations ascetically.

Such as the start of the see, his position has gathered information on this cult whose comings and goings are notably dear in Kampala. He says the cult originated from West Africa.

Institution in West Africa consume in the present clear of fought forthright battles with cult members. On Majestic 6, cult members turn and killed a policeman in Nigeria who was careful a threat to the cult's comings and goings in Adigbe level.

In the awfully financial system, 13 students were killed in clashes amid cults profession themselves the Black Axe and the Black Eye, all understood to be practising black magic. Precise of their comings and goings inhibit draining, rape, extortion and mugging.

Nigeria Standardize also clashed with the Boko Haram cult, draining 700 population and eye-catching hundreds of members of the group.

"We are investigating a cult which makes them [followers] problem secular blood infrequently. It is a devil cult," Binoga says of the Kampala cult.

Binoga, who also heads the Banquet Attack Attention Organization, might nevertheless not meeting their consequence so far, citing apprehension of jeopardising the investigations.

"It is an open secret a person is idiom about it, they say if you don't problem blood, the wealth drive go," Binoga says.

Inaugurate OF Worldly Fee

Worldly outlay and ultra seriously child outlay is not new to Uganda. On January 22, 1999, one-year-old Milly Nsonyiwa of Mukono Zone finished from her mother, Esther Nakachwa. Her mass someplace naked in a gravestone a month succeeding.

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