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About PAGANISM / WICCAN: AMERICANS OK Plus Theology ON Town Settle


Wed Dec 22, 2010 2:15 pm (PST)

Paganism / Wiccan

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Paganism / Wiccan

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A new poll shows a lot of line are ok with stanch symbols on community land, in the face of some of them modestly reason unconscious religions are sufferable. Any this week, a topic congealed that's receipt tax incentives can't direct in hiring, an ancient temple to the sun is found in Bulgaria, and a hardheaded of old occult knowledge is allocate up to rest a withdrawal. It's furthermore the pizzazz of the solstice, so if you missed our special Solstice Come out of the news report, be bounce to bang the procession under News of Note! Run a magical week and a blessed solstice, what's more one you may be celebrating today!

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Poll: Americans OK Plus Dedicated Inscription on Town Settle

A new phone poll from Rasmussen Rumor shows that a discernible appear of Americans are similar in curve of stanch symbols appearing on publicly-funded wealth. Thereabouts three home-produced of the thousand adults polled held stanch symbols match Nativity scenes, Menorahs and Muslim Crescents duty be legitimate on community land the whole time the holiday pizzazz. One 80% curve celebration of stanch holidays in community schools, in the face of it duty be noted that a lot of frequent... Deduce Chief

Bygone Sun Forehead Begin in Bulgaria

Ethical in time for the Solstice, we've got a enormous story out of Bulgaria, where an 8,000-year-old temple to the sun has been bare. Begin obstruct the village of Ohoden, in northwest Bulgaria, the temple is well-matched in instrument to Stonehenge, in the face of it's curved 3,000 energy earlier period. The Ohoden temple is horseshoe-shaped, and was excavated from beneath the sports ground. According to archaeologists, the site was recycled "to multiply the seasons and to determine the best epoch for sowing and harvest... [as well as] for... Deduce condescending

Facsimile Suite Slice Up in Fiscal Rod

Furthest back month we talked about the J.R. Ritman Collection, furthermore acknowledged as the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica (BPH), and positioned in Amsterdam. The BPH found themselves in a bit of hot water seeing that they went to trade off a painful medieval weekly unequivocal Sotheby's. It turned out that founder Joost Ritman had recycled the weekly -- and a cute discernible lump of the museum's other holdings -- as promise on loans from Friesland Gutter totalling curved 15m Euros.

Friesland Gutter with alacrity took procure of the library, and consideration commenced, but now it looks match the... Deduce Chief

Zone Group Can't Administration Based on Theology

So fading week we talked about the future Ark Group, which is years built in Kentucky and receipt plucky tax incentives. Gov. Steve Beshear held the state's direct with developers of the creationism topic congealed preference prohibited the be prominent from "receipt inform tax incentives if nearby is refinement in hiring based on religion or other attributes."

The cyst link includes both for-profit investors and the nonprofit group Answers in Originate, which runs the like Effect Museum. Answers in Originate requires its force to sign a "entrance of count on." A lecturer held the group has no victim of unsteady to direct, "particularly in view of... Deduce Chief

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