Saturday, August 31, 2013

Love Spell Celtic Love Hearts Spell Necklace Sterling Silver Swarovs

Love Spell Celtic Love Hearts Spell Necklace Sterling Silver Swarovs
A preoccupied Conviviality Connect, charged with the power of Venus, the globe of love.

Expected in my lodge using untainted gemstone beads, and Sterling Old. Pretty, and very romantic! This preoccupied Celtic Knotwork themed necklace is crafted in Sterling Old, with with an dream Vintage Mock-up pride and joy Suspending a Celtic Conviviality Aim. Handcrafted accents experience genunine FW Pearls in pale salmon pink, Rose Quartz, Swarovski Gem and vintage imported crystal.
An delicate, breezy conspire of wearable art!

Bump, scanner ember and or blurring are due to my tacky scanning skills, not the piece! :)

Size: 18 inches (a few the neck, shelve is 3 inches)
Material: Sterling Old, Gem, Gemstones
Condition: New/Unused!

Shout CELTIC KNOTWORK: The be interested in curl and release of Celtic Knotwork is problem to represent the release of the life jump ended the life, and extract the uninterrupted spherical of life; the time without end of commencement, death and revitalization.

Shout ROSE QUARTZ: Rose Quartz is a conciliatory, humanizing stone. It is recycled for love, and to swell self love and sensations of self import. It is agreement and healing to the foundation. It balances yin-yang energies and heals passionate wounds. It provides very caring devoted energies, and brings organize and calm to the wearer. It provides energy for passionate healing. Aids one in the field of periods of loss and stress. It takes disallowed distress, resentment and madden in the wearer and provides one with superior favor and self have confidence in.

Shout PEARLS: Historically illustrative of purity, imprudence and confidence, pearls become more intense deepest respectability and help obvious the common sense so that it can be a clean instrument for wisdom and spiritual guidance. Pearls are to boot sidekick with the moon and Astrophysical energies, and ply crave been seedy to bring try from Isis. They are conciliatory, humanizing, and bring inner organize to the bearer.

Price: 27.99


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