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Really Funny Jokes Birth Of The Computer

Really Funny Jokes Birth Of The Computer

How the computer came hip living

(on paper by my friend Steve Jobs)

01. In the beginning portray was the Word, and Word had two Bytes and portray was zip up exceedingly.

02. And God estranged the ones from the zeros and saw that it was good.

03. And God aimed, Let portray be data: and portray were know-how.

04. And God aimed, Let know-how be gathered together hip each own place and he created floppies, appear drives and CD-ROMs.

05. And God aimed, Let portray be computers so portray was a place to put appear drives, floppies and CD-ROMs. And God created computers and called them "hardware" and estranged "hardware" from "software."

06. But portray were no software yet so Member of the aristocracy God corrected himself and created programs big and restrained and blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and become more intense, and fly all fraternity.

07. And God got stale from expression programs and aimed, Let us make programmer in our image, as soon as our likeness: and let him to seat decree stiff computers and programs and know-how. So God created a programmer and put him hip his Computing Facility to on stage and work portray. And Member of the aristocracy God brought programmer to the Pointer Tree and commanded him, saying, From every index thou mayest run programs. But from the WINDOWS index thou shalt not run programs at all: for Need DIE.

08. And the Member of the aristocracy God aimed, It is not good that the programmer requirement be alone; I bestow make him a help collect for him. And the Member of the aristocracy God took one of programmer's bones which had no intelligence and created a CUSTOMER; and brought him unto programmer: and programmer called consumer a Freeloader. And they were apiece sitting under frank DOS, and were not embarrassed.

09. Now the Side was on top of in short supply than any beast of the field. And he aimed unto the freeloader, Yea, hath God aimed, Ye shall not run programs from every directory? And the freeloader aimed, We may run programs from every index, but of the WINDOWS index, God hath aimed, Ye shall not run programs from it, for Need DIE. And Side aimed to freeloader, Let us quarrel a check out of oyster with associates who ate them! In the day ye run WINDOWS, furthermore ye shall be as gods, for with one snap of mouse ye produce whatever you entail. And similar to the freeloader saw that WINDOWS was ductile to the eyes, and a become hard to be desirable for it makes any knowledge unneeded, and installed it on his computer; and aimed likewise unto programmer that it was cool; and programmer installed it too.

0A. And programmer went to have to do with for new drivers, and he heard the give or take of the Member of the aristocracy God, asking, Everywhere art thou? And programmer aimed, Looking for new drivers, for portray are no drivers under frank DOS. And the Member of the aristocracy God aimed, who told thee that thou needth drivers? Hast thou run programs from WINDOWS directory? And programmer aimed, The freeloader whom thou gavest to be with me, he told me that from now on he desires programs virtuously from WINDOWS directory; and I installed them. And the Member of the aristocracy God aimed unto the freeloader, In the role of is this that thou hast done? And the freeloader aimed, The Side beguiled me, and I did run WINDOWS.

OB. And the Member of the aristocracy God aimed unto the Side, Such as thou hast done this, thou art cursed better all pigs, and better every beast of the field; and I bestow put enmity amid thee and the programmer; for he bestow curse you and thou bestow retail WINDOWS to him. OC. Unto the freeloader he aimed, I bestow competently become more intense thy nuisance and crop-free thy wallet; and thou bestow use buggy programs; and thou bestow not occur not up to scratch the programmer, and he shall directive stiff thee. 0D. And unto programmer he aimed, Such as thou hast hearkened unto the give or take of the freeloader, cursed are computers for thy sake; bugs and viruses bestow they bring to thou; in nuisance shalt thou disagree them all the days of thy life; in the attempt of thy conceal shalt thou debug thy nonentity.

0E. Therefore the Member of the aristocracy God sent them forth from his Rail terminal Facility; and he set password on foyer.

0F. Citizen protection weakening.


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