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Reiki New Age Occultism

Reiki New Age Occultism
Yesterday, count at Poor example, I noticed a calendar of actions for several parishes voice the District of Manchester. According to this flyer, Transfiguration Subdivision has free workshops in Reiki (as foothold the La Salette Missionaries at their Soul for Christian Existence in Attleboro, Massachusetts). For this imagine, I acquaint with an object in black and white by noted Catholic felt tip Mr. Michael Tan and which appeared at his moral website:

Reach Broadsheet

Occult Clever Catholicism In Ways That Are All Surreptitious And Bring in

By Michael H. Tan

The occult continues to make inroads and is infiltrating the Catholic status itself, habitually in the role of self-help psychology or meditation.

We accept firm information about this. In Ohio here is a series for a "future church" that would phraseology female spirituality and a mother goddess. A rank of the goddess has even been hung in a church. At a Catholic school in Indiana -- advertised as the nation's first-class Catholic college for women -- here was an details of freshmen introduced indoors witchcraft during a literature course, wherever they were hardened on a book by a witch named "Starhawk." We foothold a story that an altar was set up in the forefront (afterward a pagan priestess fitting in robes was invited to language the class). For opening ceremonies at the school -- according to the extraordinarily story -- the college airy-fairy statues from a church and replaced them with a testament to the earth, wherever a "circle of blessings" was conducted. Meanwhile a Midwestern Catholic publisher -- based in Notre Dame -- offers a book called Prayers to Sophia, an mention to the "goddess of wisdom."

These are but some of the peak total examples. In Colorado were information of nuns who prayed to the east and west each daylight -- a New Age charm geared to the gods of atmosphere -- and in New York rumors that a crystal had been located by a nun in a Propitious Ritual chapel. In Minnesota nuns fancy foothold been indoctrinated indoors what can exactly be called the New Age.

Having the status of these are all dangers -- and exclusion to the Catholic status -- an even added insidious infiltration has come open methods that don't sound occult on the down. An assortment of Catholics are now lively in "reiki" -- precise ray`-kee, a New Age representation of energy healing based on the feeling that a usual healing energy or life vigor permeates and that it can be "channeled" indoors someone so that their own life vigor is disdainful. The occult and New Age (as it is now municipal) incorporate whatsoever that considers the handiwork and humans ruled by an impersonal energy. They habitually fighting fit from Eastern religions or pagan beliefs.

"The practitioner places their palms on top organs and glands, and on the areas wherever the chakras are sited," explanation one website about reiki. "The chakras are part of Hindu belief that here are seven chakras, centers of psychic and spiritual energy, separation from the mystify of the vertebral column to the top of the formerly. Be next to Hindu teachings believe that the kundalini, an energy vigor coiled snakelike in the mystify chakra, needs to prominence to the maximum chakra as part of the spiritual explanation rule."

We don't reason to understand all the energies of the life, and are not bestow to sneer at or boo. But here are sure dangers in all systems of belief, yet well-meaning, that define a usual energy as whatsoever but a personality God or that consider from mystery religions from the East.

Expound is then the "enneagram," which even priests and nuns practice. "Out of nowhere, the enneagram blaze onto the Christian representation and became very middle-of-the-road with publishers and mix houses," explanation felt tip Ralph Rath. "The enneagram is a in a circle put forward on which eccentric types numbered one open nine are metaphorically represented at nine equidistant points on the border. The eject are for that reason connected by arrows in major patterns which change the way to health (assimilation) or to multiuse building (section). Each human eccentric is invented to fall indoors one of these nine types."

Unfortunately, the origin of the enneagram is in sufism, a mystical offshoot of Islam. "In resemblance to the fantasize and the throbbing for holiness of the Muslim mystics of to begin with ages, state Sufism, which claims haughty forty million adherents, has become a mix of pantheism, magic and rationalism with a belief in telepathy, teleportation, foreknowledge, transmigration of souls, and a harmful of a personality God," explanation pristine scholar.

Such has then been noted by the Priestly ranking. "Omnipresent we cautioning the proliferate of bookstores, stores, courses and workshops, spiritual retreats, movies, and tube programs that ahead the beliefs and thinking of New Age," warned an archbishop, Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico Municipality, in a pastoral communiqu animation ago. "Its beliefs, intuit campaigns, and spirituality give the impression that with increasing incidence in our apprentice classrooms and even in the preaching and religious teaching of Catholic institutions. Addressing this, Pope John Paul II anyhow warned a group of bishops not too fancy ago: New Age beliefs habitually open up a way for themselves in preaching, catechesis, congresses, and retreats, and thus come to importance even practicing Catholics who may not be delicate of the incompatibility of natives beliefs with the status of the Priestly."

The Vatican's Pontifical Ruling body for Citizens unbound its own reproach a rendezvous ago -- reproach to be precise about concepts of the "usual guard" and "progressive self" that imbue New Age systems.

Tantra. Yoga. Hatha. Raja. Kundalini. Vocalize. Mandala. Heaven. Christian Zen. Higher consciousness. Self-realization. Centering prayer. Rolfing. Astute. Lighting. Sodhana. Eckhart. Jung. TM. Debate Change.

All requirement be treated with command.

"Expound are diverse discourse recycled by Christians today of which they foothold no knowledge with reference to what they really mean," warns pristine dramatist, Eddie Russell. "These words and practices are introduced to them by justifiably organization and they are never questioned. The be an enthusiast of is that diverse Catholics [and other Christians] may be practicing New Age occult religions not good enough realizing it. Sure of these practices are morally painful to say the smallest amount of."


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