Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bright Magic

Bright Magic Cover
Welcome to my world,

where magic dances lightly

and winds of luck

will fill your sails

if you just know

just where to go

and what to do

to open eyes so wide

and then another pair of eyes

that show you more,

that show you

all there is to see,

and what there is

is mystery,

and beauty and a harmony

of wild perfection,

interlaced and intertwined,

love and logic

all combined and dancing,

laughing with the power and delight

of the day and of the night,

it is here,

it is now,

and you can come to it somehow,

just know that if you wanted to,

you would begin to know,

to really know

and really feel a calling

and it isn't far away,

it's here,

it's every night and every day,

and every breath you take -


~ Silvia "

Suggested e-books:

Ed Richardson - Seidr Magic
Aleister Crowley - Rights Of Man
Phillip Williams - Night Magic

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