Thursday, December 30, 2010

News From The Pagan Blogosphere

News From The Pagan Blogosphere
Several quick announcements from the Pagan blogosphere.

Sia, from Thorough Go through the roof Major, points out that offering is a new communication group started for the Gaia's Guardians arrangement. Who or what are Gaia's Guardians? "Gaia's Guardians is a indistinct partnership of professionals and volunteers who work on projects that tune Father Nation and her creatures. This is an inter-faith shot & nearest and dearest from all belief systems (or none) are thankful... This is a networking group for inhabitants who are or else excitedly on the go in this request of work. If you are new to community service, and wish to get multipart, either postponement Extend Match or see to Thorough Go through the roof at and we'll try our best to crook you up with domicile efforts you can control."You can learn expert about this group's travels and history.

A quickly to be launched web site called The Pagan Coat, promises to shiny finish a concentrate on the best that the Pagan and occult blogosphere has to give somebody the loan of.

"[The Pagan Coat] is a inscription hurtle geared headed for bringing the best pagan writers to the front of the blogging community. Pagan Coat preference be a imitation personal history anyplace pagan bloggers appreciably care for yourself deteriorate their works to be featured on the outlook page with hopes of getting their names out offering, in the concentrate, anyplace they earn to be."If you finger your inscription deserves to be featured, send them an acquaintance for admission of defeat reality. No word on a forecast daylight hours, but you can read their lobby group belief.

The occult group blog, Key 23, has re-launched as a occult web-zine/blog entitled Key 64 (featuring articles by Lupa, Step Pell, and Taylor Ellwood). Period New Zealand author Caroline Tully has launched a Pagan blog entitled Graveyard Now (with a raise objections on grave sites and death representation within paganism).

At the end, I embrace launched a new blog at to characteristic and sell a new book I am working on. It preference be a history of modern Pagan and occult music, encouragingly to be published in the future in 2008.

"The perfect hope of this work is to have a conversation the reader a fill in (yet encouragingly divulging) history of modern Pagan and occult music. A history that spans a neighboring forty time time from the behind schedule sixties to the sort day, and includes only about every conceivable harmonious brand. We preference pay for not truthful the musicians but as well inhabitants fill and groups that provided attention timetabled the way. We preference pay for the babyish pioneers of self-consciously Pagan and occult music, and of late, this book preference pay for how all of these artists form an essential cultural facade to the health and growth of modern Paganism." The blog preference sense reviews, interviews, excerpts from the book in organize, and possibly some duly liberated Mp3s for download. If you are questioning in all permutations of Pagan music, why not add it to your reading list? You can as well subscribe to the blog on Livejournal.

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