Friday, March 23, 2007

A Manual Of Occultism

A Manual Of Occultism Cover

Book: A Manual Of Occultism by Sepharial

This author is known world wide for his books on astrology and occultism. This unique volume covers many facets of the wonderful world of the occult. Contents: Astrology - Section I: The Alphabet, Aspects, Signs & Houses, Personal Appearance, Constitution, Health, Character, Accidents, Fortunes, Position, Occupation, Marriage, Progeny, Traveling, Friends & Enemies and Kind of Death, The Measure of Time, Example of Directions, Secondary Directions, Transits & Eclipses, Mundane Astrology & Other Methods. Palmistry: Types of Hands, Mounts or Cushions, The Phalanges, The Lines, Nine Principle Lines, Incidental marks. Thaumaturgic Art: The spiritual Freedom, On Talismans, Numerology & Hypnotism & Cartomancy, Various Methods, Crystal-Gazing, Preliminaries & Practice, Visions & Interpretations, Some Experiences, Geomancy, Casting & Judging the Figure, Symbols in the Twelve Houses, Psychometry, Dreams & Sortileges. Alchemy.

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