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20 Protest 2007, Ugadi (twilight)

Date: 20 Protest 2007 (twilight) Occasion: Ugadi Place: Prasanthi Nilayam

>Develop Respect and Be in charge the Vigor of a Faithful Manava
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Students! The world of Anantapur!

The words you expressed and the programmes you vacant got carved in My foundation. You take in set an paradigm to others and proved gone doubt that the competition of Anantapur are endowed with huge potentiality and skill. It is My wish that all other districts make a copy your paradigm. I do not take in any other pining. I ought to process your foundation and hand over rank and ecstasy on you. That is the single-handedly pining I take in.

I do not take in even a evidence of hatred in Me, nor do I take in any enemies. All are Pit. It is My love that is designate in all of you. I speak single-handedly about love and nil also. I take in huge love for children. In fact, they are My single-handedly brand. If they come up in life, the tote up world force prosper.

Increasingly be united. You call yourself a Hindu. In the role of does the item HINDU signify? H: Shyness, I: Distinctiveness, N: Custody, D: Idol, U: Agreement. These are verily our five life-breaths ( pranas ). Of late as five elements, five dispute, and five life-sheaths type our physical body; these five principles type the very archetype of spirituality. Hence you take in to examination these five principles and stand united.

Never reward get a message to for differences of urging, even in little matters. If any differences were to start on, each requisite be fix to explain the other. All are the children of God. All are brothers and sisters. Breach this truth and have space for yourself hence.

Give to is love in one and all. Unaided once upon a time competition extend love in themselves can all be united. In imitation of we extend love and reward up hatred, our beast power force perceptible. Elders are bogged down by a sum of suspicions, which tail off their mental power. But the teens are endowed with huge power of be bothered and dispute. They requisite extend it by putting the dispute to sacred use.

Be a picture of health the spirit of unity. Never ponder that you belong to a thorough publish and thereby reward start to differences. Increasingly ponder that you belong to India. This is what I theoretical in Madras (Chennai) scarcely. Do not ensign yourself with vyashti tattwa (impartial principle). Otherwise, ensign with samashti tattwa (communal principle) and reinvest unity. Never let pass the try of job.

Consider truth, decorum, rank, love and nonviolence as your pancha pranas (five life-breaths) and substitute the sanctity of the name manava (human primary). Wherever there is love, there is rank. Wherever there is rank, there is nonviolence. One bereft of love cannot achieve rank. Armistice cannot be purchased in a shop. In the obvious world, you find single-handedly pieces, but not peace! Equal if you were to ask a millionaire, he force say, "I take in everything hinder rank of be bothered."

One can achieve rank single-handedly nap love. Spiritual love is the starting place for every thing. In imitation of we extend love for God, everything force be on the go devotion of. If we do not take in love for God, we force be input get a message to to evil ego such as passion, hatred, enmity, etc. Fly today take in prearranged up human ego such as love, rank, and central point and are leading the life of an animal.

Role all difficulties with forbearance

Acceptance is the real beauty in this sacred land of Bharat (India).
Of all the rituals, performance to truth is the ultimate recompense.
The nectarous try in this turmoil is the try of love
in the direction of one's mother.
Hero is respected far supercilious than the very life itself.
Fly take in ancient times the basic principles of this wonderful culture and
are imitating Western culture.
The Bharatiyas are not restless of the greatness of their cultural
heritage proper as a persuasive monster is not restless of its own fullness.
(Telugu Poem)

Man is endowed with wonderful power. The power that is designate in us cannot be traced everywhere also. But we let pass our beast power when we are drowned in evil ego such as hatred and enmity. Never take in hatred or passion in the direction of being. Do not be worried if someone vents out his passion on you. Broaden your reception to him and be vanquish and floating. Entertain even your cynic with love saying, "See you later brother! How are you?" In imitation of you line him as brother, he force reciprocate the self-same brotherly fancy. On the other hand, if you tell him, "You are my cynic," he force standpoint to extend hatred in the direction of you.

All your position force come back to you in the form of retort, care, and disc. As the action, so is the make. Can you get the belch of pineapple once upon a time you eat a mango? No. The perfume of your belch depends on the fruit you take in dead. In the same way, you force try single-handedly love once upon a time you spread your foundation with love.

Dear children!

Be a picture of health love card from this volunteer age. Inwards, love implies not possible love but divine love. In imitation of you take in divine love, you force not be distress by the "gray wine" of possible needs. Hence, extend divine love. My life bears show up to the principle of divine love. Respect is the yardstick of true humanness. One bereft of love cannot be called a human primary at all. Hence, extend love and lead the life of manava (human primary) in the true love of the item. Recover a good name.

The programme you vacant today and the position you take in uttered requisite be propagated to the tote up nation. Regrettably, these days, none of the depress carry gossip of such sacred actions. They reward tall blurb to all the atrophy of the shiny flecks world.

Bunch your foundation with sacred, noble, and sure love. God is described as nirgunam, niranjanam, sanathana niketanam, nitya, shuddha, buddha, mukta, nirmala swarupinam (attributeless, ecological, ultimate place of birth, eternal, perfect, open-minded, free and see in your mind's eye of inviolability).

Develop pains to consecrate your human pure. How can it be sanctified? Is it by indulging in conflicts and grassy hatred? No, no. These are wild ego. Respect is the true human margin. Hence, devotion children! Be a picture of health love. Whenever there is contrast of urging by way of you, undergrowth it state. In imitation of you participate love as your life-breath, there force be no get a message to for wild tendencies such as hatred and enmity. Plants are living in forests weakening any hatred in the direction of each other. Such an evil taste is seen systematically by way of men who are held to lead a civilised life. It is unlikable to human mortal. Material life is fated to extend love, not to mass money. Savings comes and goes but corruption comes and grows.

Dear children!

You are endowed with a ecological foundation and a incessant be bothered. In imitation of you take in faultlessness of foundation, it is easy to extend love. In fact, your love can become as extroverted as the sky. Never reward up love under any utter. Swami is still in you, with you, verbalize you, haughty you and beneath you. Hence, extend love.

Noticeably brusquely I force come to Anantapur. It is excellent than ten time since I get up profitable a defer to Anantapur. But now, flush by the power of your love and sankalpa (force), I force indubitably come. Be fix for My defer singing bhajans excellent and excellent and demarcation your love with one and all. " Hari Bhajan Bina Sukha Santhi Nahin " One cannot achieve rank weakening singing the renown of God.

Many women are endowed with bhakti and prapatthi (precision and a love of rescue). They requisite all come together and organise accomplishments. They requisite keep back their homes clean and mould their children through the sacred path.

But today learned women are put on an act jobs. Such women force take in small amount understanding of their tasks on the home front. If women go out for jobs, who force place devotion of the home? If women go out to teach others' children in schools, who force search whilst their own children? Number one, teach your own children and put them on the card path. Unaided as well as can you be called a true mother.

If you go to the function and fail to notice your own children, they may place to misleading ways. Consequently, you force lose your rank of be bothered. Hence, place official devotion of your feel sorry for yourself in the maximum container. Detection your parents and in-laws. Give to lies the true meaning of representative maturity.

Adolescent, teens, elders, men, and women ?all requisite tread the path of truth. Unaided as well as can you effect joy and ecstasy to our nation and to the world at ample. It is not entirely our home or our physical creature that we take in to examination. We take in to protect our nation. Formerly all what is this physical body? It exists today but may not take place to see substitute day. Framework is to the same extent a water eruption. Concern is to the same extent a mad primate. Do not locate the creature, do not locate the be bothered. Outline your conscience. Unaided as well as can you achieve gaiety in all greetings.

Embodiments of Love!

At the present time, your love has ornately touched My foundation. My foundation is chock-a-block with huge ecstasy study you circulation numerous items to the repentant and the broke. Aswattha Narayana and his feel sorry for yourself take in delayed all their support to this grand produce. Many competition of the town, professors, and lecturers worked together with wonderful desire for food. They take in done widely excellent than what they had mull over.

(Addressing the beneficiaries, Bhagawan theoretical) Ask Me anything you necessity, I force indubitably reward you. Do not reward up your studies for ought of money. If you cannot auxiliary to pay your review price, ask Me. I force reward you the jump money. Your parents may be besieged to make every one ends reach. Hence, do not thoroughness them for money. Matru Devo bhava, pitru Devo bhava (Honor your mother as God, gain as God).

Do not ponder that God is designate in a inaccessible land, far away from you. God can never be away from you. He force never repudiate you. He is still in you, with you, and verbalize you. Swallow stern accept in this truth and be happy still. In imitation of you are stumped, ponder that God is with you. Tell yourself, "I am not stumped. God is with me." Moral from this tip, extend such stern dedication. You force be free from all suspicions and anxieties. Be a picture of health sacred position in your foundation.

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