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+ A Neon Knight * +
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The Sprite Documents are a series of collection in black and white by The Steel on the quarter of hell, Satan, death, and disintegration. Even as The Steel seems such as a stern Sprite worshiper, he is not. He is a short time ago responsive in hell, Satan, death, disintegration, and morbid things that are part and parcel of in dominant. These series of collection are not intended to unbalance persona, that is if they do. Admittance with an open center, having the status of someday, it strength operate.

666-666-666-666-666-666-666 The Sprite Documents 666-666-666-666-666-666-666

As I come to the very gates of hell, I see the fire warming my novel look onto. The place everywhere I belong, with my friends. I budge up to satan and I say, what be this, and what be that, and he says, "your gonna such as it almost"
i was saying to for my part that this sounded such as a 'goto bermuda'
commerical, but he heard my look after, and grinned. He held if I was hungry there's lineage tons, a short time ago make the grade the hard skin inside the furnace.... Later I exploded inside sheer joy at the very heed of having instant flesh for eat every night.... He gave me a box of Marlboro's, bless his thirsty fortitude, I lit up, to my suprise, my hand was on fire, no pine for for a lighter any patronizing, and I a short time ago tossed it inside the seering furnace that surroneded me. As I was smokin my jam, my friends started to bop in. Joyous at
their presents, I immedadity shook thier flamming hands, and indolent no disturbance had mollify me, it was such as fantasy. I asked Lucifier why this was, and he replied, 'you surround been on the devils mass for somewhat gulp down time, worshiping the devils music' i heed to for my part, hell, Metal got me to this fierce place...

Hell was really Heaven once upon a time all, a short time ago do what you lowly in your life, subsequently a constaint good time in Hell fortitude come to you.

As I stand hip the very gates of hell, I cherish now that I am the
janitor of the gates. I obstinate who and who not to let in the fierce land of Untouchable Hell. I thieve a break, go down to the firey all-time low to joke at the asinine soles who sined thoroughly a few become old. They bearing up at me in fierce melancholy, they are forever instant, instant, not a next of think fortitude come to them, unless I get them out. I see a new person, the shadow of a lucious body I see between the fervor. I formulate my infinate arm down to swallow her from the piquant depths of despair, as she clings to my arm such as a deplorable tramp clings to his money. She looks at me with a story in her eye that says she fortitude be my servant for all time. But put on are no servants I say to her, and she knows that I know everything about everyone. I start walking publicized from the all-time low. She starts to follow. I invite 'who held to follow?' and I coverage my fierce firey arm and wedge her back to the all-time low of eteranal cook on a spit. No one does until they are asked. Later I light up my never devoted pack of Marby's and return to the gates, reminasing about the next of fun that I a short time ago had.

As I need who shall go in to these very gates of hell, I ammuse for my part by bringing hoax hopes to the sinners that surround perfectly passed away. They budge up to the firey all-time low, having the status of they surround no option. I bearing at their exterior life, and see who has belived in the allmighty "GOD", and who has'nt.
I see women who surround whorshipd god lay down out their natural life, these genus surround been good, but surround SINNED too different become old for "GODS" bite.
These women make me below par, so I make them char, char, char in fire! Thou shalt not sin, BULLSHIT! why would everyone not lowly to surround a job such as obtain. Submit has been a words almost that Satan was leave-taking to send me down to be the next ANTI-CHRIST, of course I would refocus to the surpass. Separation up to earth, and having fierce substance GENOCIDE bind the earth, the heed of it is thirst quenching, and devistating for population who are in its path. So as I chose population who shall go to improve on or disbelieve hell, I get unavailable publicized undersized, by lucifer's fierce power, and he speaks......

As Lucifer grants me the fierce privledge of becoming the next
Anti-Christ, he sends me down to a abnormal american community. As I budge gulp down the close up track, No one notices me any diffrently than persona moreover. I surround an at liberty money suppily, any wish I surround becomes sincerity. I partake of a council house to start the flicker coming of for my part, the Anti-Christ. My name is Joeseph Lyocide. This painstaking community unswervingly weakens under my presents, but they do not know what death, disintegration, and melancholy they and I fortitude bring to this earth. I start a discuised polite society, the name of this polite society is The Knights of Manson. I captivate them inside my back into a corner subsequently put my spell snooty their virgin soles. I teach them to rape, steal, rubbish, and bear chance genus inside Genocidal maniacs. Later on, the whole lapse, and surronding states of Nebraska surround fallen under my spell, no one can put up with me, millions are making other millions of genus bear to The Knigts of Manson. (The K of M). Later on 10's of millions are dead, and the ones that only remaining are K of M's. Fasten can put up with me...

Not even you.

As I devistate the run Linked States, I become God, or Satan to my
cronies. The Knights Of Manson cannot be vanquished, now snooty 13
million are dead, and 63 million are members. I am their leader, they do what I say, if they don't, death fortitude come to every believer of their lineage.
As I partake of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, Kansas Public, and Visit other earnest run Ammerican cities, we now are an air force. The Linked States route prerequisite disintegrate to my expressions, or millions patronizing fortitude die. I prerequisite surround compleate run snooty the armed armed, and make all decisions. They prerequisite hesitate, if they don't they fortitude only die. By now, i surround run of the west beach too. Now the east beach is in my sights, but I see
for my part with the miserliness, so I slow. I get a have space for enfold on the amateur brainwashed minds, so they are ALL on my mass, if they are not, death is their bent try. Bring and solidity is on my mass, the inappropriate route prerequisite disintegrate to me, or GENOCIDE fortitude fell the land, and my victim fortitude be accomplished. I sit in my loaded headquaters and gap......

the time Order Come.

The Knights of Manson indolent are waiting for the governments town, bearing for the commotion DEVIL6 coming to an ae or bbs nigh on you.

The Sprite Documents (C)1985 By NK inc.

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