Wednesday, August 20, 2014

About Cat

About Cat
I'm a mom, a teacher, a bookaholic, a dog-lover, a pop-culture fan... in other words, a rather ensign Pagan in maximum ways. Maybe less ensign is the fact that, in 2001, late fifteen go as an out Pagan, I fit a ceremonial transformation that led me indoors the Deep Nation of Associations. I'm relaxed Pagan in my world view, theology, and the public, but I've supplementary a whole new set of practices and insights. I struggle sometimes to find ways to direct to own my Paganism, and to find in my opinion within the spectrum of beliefs and knowledge everyplace the majority--though not all!--of the members are Christian.

As I battle with questions of how to be there out the spiritual life I consider in admiration and in ritual, and how to narrate to my two spiritual communities, I see ways that apiece the broader Quaker world and the Pagan world share out some of populace challenges. Quakers today are doggedly struggling with questions about how to be literal to the gone knowledge and traditions that hold them height, when along with deciding how by far to clinch newer spiritual traditions and insights making their way indoors the Nation of Associations. How can Quakers who are brutally Christian, Quakers who are refugees from Christianity, and non-Christian (Buddhist, Jewish, Pagan, or even individualist) share out considerable admiration and community? How can we bottom line our practices brutally enough that we grasp the essential Quaker wisdom of experimental, not abstract, ceremonial life? How can we be there out our testimonies of straightforwardness, regulation, environmentalism, and unreserved impartiality lacking becoming guilty, chronological, or self-righteous?

Pagans, too, are draining to manipulate out how supple our communities can be and relaxed be cohesive, how to make fun of one unusual as we differ as a attack and a culture, how to keep our admiration be there and spirit-filled, and how to be there out our limitation spiritual imperitives.

Being I see my own struggle for level and merger reflected in apiece my spiritual homes, I've manufacturing a grave love and abide by for the best of our writers. More than a few writers suspend a gift for putting indoors words things that I am absolutely beginning to sense; some conundrum me to understand why I may squabble with them, or crash into me to exploit indoors some of the height and arrangement of how to be there a life embraced by spirit that I see in them. In other words, grant is a parley separation on all on the subject of me, and it's one that makes me exploit. I comparable it. I desire it.

The Quaker blogosphere has its own tools for assessment the maximum enlivening online conversations. It's my syndicate that this portal impulsion hold us, the Pagan community, a way of involving with one unusual that impulsion along with increase in intensity us to draw together each other, talk to one unusual... and exploit.

Consecrated Be.

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