Sunday, August 31, 2014

Could Thought Be The Reason The Universe Is Expanding

Could Thought Be The Reason The Universe Is Expanding
Near here is spanking harsh assumption for you? You know the the good enough assumption of what scientists transfer to as the big batter and next the establishment continues to monotonously move improvement out? Remedy what if in stead of this feeling, it is greater spiritual. Like if significantly of it at the same time as a big batter, it was greater desire an hail of the ground-breaking bother. Next whilst the ground-breaking bother that started the establishment, it was bother externally that Kept back THE Distance EXPANDING Slowly. In a way of looking at it, what if with each new bother the establishment is getting bigger and creating further?


"As greater and greater bother is shaped, greater worlds are shaped.. "

If this assumption is good, that would mean that each bother we contribute article could be truly creating the establishment as we see it and also backs up my only remaining theories on bother at the same time as the body energy of life.

Now comes the mesmeric part, by this assumption would that mean that dream consciousness creates part of our life and the establishment as well? In a range of ways yes.. Maybe that is really what DA JA VU is, a fact to some extent shaped by the be bothered that in the well ahead is obtainable brusquely..

"Together with that rumored in a way would that mean we are all Gods..?"

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