Monday, August 18, 2014

Blessed By La Mano De Dios

Blessed By La Mano De Dios
Diego Maradona is 47 today.

An enthralling footballing spirit. More than a few would say the best footballer of all time.

So extreme so that in 2002 some of his fans produced a church in his name. For these 'disciples', what time Jesus is the "God of Rumor" Maradona is the "God of the Core".

They include time from while he was innate - 30th October 1960. Which makes this AD47 (seemingly Anno Diego).

To groove today's interrupt, two couples underwent symbolic marriages in the spirit of a football. The "priest" blessed the unions with the words, "Let no man segregate what the God of football has aligned.

The man, or have to one say deity, himself wedded in 1989 in a colorful trouble, which was reasonably blighted by a over rude acceptance to one photographer in the form of a assault on the source.

His "god-like" personality to his fans are in his known footballing skills. For others this soundtrack has over to do with his "hand of god" purpose scored in the environs immutable of the 1986 Gravel Cup. The "receive" is that the purpose was scored by a "handball" pollute. Maradona himself at the outset denied that his hand touched the disk, explaining that it was the "hand of god" that put the disk in the net. He has since untreated that it was his hand that scored the purpose, but upright it as a acceptance to the Falklands combat. He assumed "Whoever robs a thief gets a 100-year let off."

I distrust it's all a corporation of belief.

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