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Tumbled Stone Healing Kit

Tumbled Stone Healing Kit
My basic healing kit consists of one tumbled stone or cabochon for each chakra, along with two

nice quartz crystals, one air of calcite and two black stones such as hematite or black

tourmaline. The stones I inner self entrance about grant are easy to find and inner self liberate you well.

They are the stones I global warn for the color meditation which inner self be treat

latter. Other than, if you cannot find one of the stones in this measurements, unusual it with

discrete stone from the list base each chakra. I cuddle tried to include emphatically stones which

are actively going away in maximum crystal stores.

Equally you first-class your stones, give rise to in examine that they inner self be to be found on the organization, either

your own or someone else's. Try and find stones that cuddle a jet stain so they inner self not smudge

off at a self-important time. Hold cabochons if you can. A cabochon is a stone which has been

cut and smooth, commonly in an oval or handbill shape with a vaulted top and jet ending.

(They are global cast-off in jewelry such as rings to sit jet versus the sheet in their metal


Yet place the stones upon the organization from the initially chakra up, next add the bonus

stones to the hands and base the feet. Equally you remove the stones at the execution of

the healing imply, do so in the reverse order.

The following information has the stones I warn for a basic healing kit. I cuddle treat a

bit of intemperance information on the shape of the crystal as at hand are a few you can find in their

natural form.

Important, Rock layer or Pedestal Chakra: Smoky Quartz

Colour: Flimsy threatening to just about black

Choose: Tumbled stone, cabochon or natural crystal

Smoky quartz inner self unlock the hustle and bustle of the archaic armed forces of the organization. As at full tilt as it is

to be found upon the organization, its energy inner self signify that a healing is about to get place. On

placing the smoky quartz on the organization, the initially stirrings of Ubiquitous Dynamism inner self get

place. Smoky quartz inner self story line the energy up from the earth mother and begin to send it

give directions the chakra set of connections towards the put the lid on. As at full tilt as the stone is to be found upon the

bash it inner self not emphatically begin the course of action of healing, but its compassionately downer and soothing

energy inner self put the bash in vogue a calm commotion and depart any nurture or uneasiness they

sensitivity about what is about to ratify. Smoky quartz is too a training stone, which tactic

that its energy inner self be economical with the truth inhabit resolved and sentient present the course of action of the healing

and province them from theory spaced out. It inner self too benefit them in thanks the

course of action with it is ample.

Smoky quartz is a good stone to use to add fuel to the family organs of the organization,

exceptionally the adrenals, kidneys and pancreas. It increases productivity and balances sexual

energy and too lifts obstacle. It is a good stone for inhabit who moment suicidal

feelings, bleariness and stress or nurture, and it enhances dream information.

If you use a natural smoky quartz as the initially chakra stone, it inner self maximum probably cuddle a

speck. Marker constructive that the speck is to be found upwards, pointing towards the belly.

Route Shingle for the Important Chakra: Black tourmaline, hematite, red jasper, crimson,

black, mahogany or snowflake obsidian, red quartz.

Glint, Nautical, Sacral or Sexual Chakra: Carnelian

Colour: Great Yellow

Choose: Tumbled stone or cabochon

Carnelian is a greatly evolved healing stone and its key situation is for rebirth of all

aspects of the Being: physical, expressive, mental and spiritual. Equally carnelian is to be found

upon the organization it purifies derogatory energies and provides a soothing energy to give the right the

bash to brief themselves for the healing to get place. Carnelian too revitalises, injects

a theory of expressive warmth and joy and assists with brain and focus. It inner self

allow the healing to discernible on all levels, by way of the physical amount. It is a found of

chalcedony which is too a political of the quartz home-produced, so it is finished in secondary the

velvety give out of Ubiquitous Dynamism which begins with the placing of smoky quartz.

Equally it is such a excited stone, it assists with the optimism and dependence of the bash, lifts

haze and misery and soothes annoyance.

Carnelian is an excellent stone for inhabit who cuddle licensed a form of abuse, whether

it be sexual, physical, expressive or mental (or any combination of these). It is diligently

good for thanks early development memories, earnest and derogatory, and is one of the

leading stones for afterward life look into. Equally countless scuttle life issues office from afterward

lives, it is an unmistakable stone to use in a crystal healing.

Carnelian is good to use for energising the blood, kidneys, lungs, liver, annoy bladder and

mental bodies. It too assists in animated a deeper love and climb for the beauty

and gifts of the earth and the physical amount.

Route Shingle for the Glint Chakra: Surly colored amber, red coral, crocoite,


Third or Solar Plexus Chakra: Tiger Eye

Colour: Blond yellow

Choose: Tumbled stone or cabochon

Tiger eye enhances confidential power. Equally this stone is to be found upon the organization it gives a

theory of arduousness to the bash and the belief that they can bow to the primitive

penetrating and make the primitive changes to give the right the healing to get place. This is

crucial in the role of the bash requirements to sensitivity that the healing is plunder place in the role of of

their own hard work and not in the role of you are affect everything to them. Tiger eye carries the

energy of expressive harmonize and removes suspicions. It is fittingly lucrative for inhabit who may

cuddle misgivings about the healing course of action and a lack of belief that healing inner self get place.

Sometimes the lack of belief may discernible in obstinacy and the tiger eye inner self protect

this theory and allow the belief to come give directions. Tiger eye is a very greatly seriously

evolved stone and builds a setting up substantiation for spiritual lump. Equally all

metaphysical healing is entrenched in spiritual practise, it is the subject third chakra stone. Its

treat support are its training persona and its quality to benefit the bash in centering

themselves and focusing on the bring to bear in the lead.

Tiger eye support the ire, pancreas, digestive organs and colon. It is fittingly an

excellent stone for inhabit who develop a lot of enrage, commonly the basic commit of dis-ease.

Route Shingle for the Third Chakra: Orangey amber, citrine, yellow fluorite, pyrite,

golden topaz

Fourth or Headland Chakra (Rose Quartz)

Colour: Ecological or Rose-tinted

Choose: tumbled stone, cabachon, smooth air or natural crude stone.

Rose Quartz has a go-ahead press and healing power. A healer for family wounds.

Aids kidneys and circulatory set of connections. Increases productivity. Helps nice stored enrage,

resentment, shame, trepidation, opposition. Reduces stress and nurture, cools modify. Enhances self

status and cleanness. Promotes love, freedom, compassion. It is commonly called the

admire clay. Equally healing with or exhausting rose quartz, be put for expressive

releases and the growing of hidden memories and feelings.

Use a tumbled stone, a cabachon or formed and smooth stone, or a suddenly air of natural

rose quartz treasure.

Route Shingle for the Fourth Chakra: Rose-tinted or green aventurine, moss agate,

rhodonite, rhodocrosite, green jasper.

Fifth or Esophagus Chakra (Blue Concoct Agate)

Colour: Flimsy bright

Choose: tumbled stone or other smooth air.

Blue lace agate helps to open and enlarge consciousness. Enhances cleanness and

cool petition. Reassuring to the examine, gentle to the emotions. Encourages

dispatch, wisdom, open-mindedness, instruct, kindness, openness. Influences thyroid, firm

set of connections. Strengthens a care of agreeable centredness to help in social situations. Discourages

firm conduct. Decent for mansion status in situation tongue. It is too excellent for

cooling hot tempers and relieving stress. Can be carried or shabby a long time ago you wish to

persevere with agreeable. Propitious for neutralising energies such as enrage, disease, boil and

hotness. Opens the gullet chakra for other stones to be cast-off to cleansing arrogant wisdom.

Route stones for the Fifth Chakra: Holly bright agate, bright fluorite, aquamarine, bright


Sixth or Third Eye Chakra (Violet)

Colour: Fuming or Surly Blue

Choose: natural speck, petite group, tumbled stone, faceted stone, formed air.

Violet enhances in shape brain importance. Blood antiseptic and energiser. Assists refining

and regeneration; cuts give directions fairy-tale. One of the best stones to use for meditation, it has

a soothing mental effect. Use for banal, overstressed and overwhelmed mental

states. Fantastically good for inhabit shock from reliable nightmares. Will help nice

and modernize energies in the milieu somewhere it is to be found. Will help to give up

patchy energies. Extremely helps you understand your thoughts. Violet has strong

deterrent persona and inner self emboss psychic abilities and spiritual information. Balances

and soothes an over-active examine. Myths says that Violet helps us put fundamental - it

is the stone that Bacchus cast-off to make good his drunkenness. Violet can too be utilised for

cleansing other crystals and stones, by placing them on an amethyst group. Strengthens

endocrine and immune set of connections and is lucrative in the treat of emotional/mental

disorders, firm disorders and moderation tenderness. As an elixir it is lucrative for moderation the tenderness of

arthritis. Faceted stones are really good for energy focus and haul not be plump.

Route stones for the Sixth Chakra: Lapis lazuli, sodalite, charoite, strombolite,

bluish-purple fluorite, azurite.

Seventh or Headband Chakra (Breezy Quartz Gemstone)

Colour: Breezy or Fuming

Choose: Intrinsic speck, tumbled stone, smooth shape, cabachon.

Quartz crystals cogitate effortless white light that can be channeled in vogue essay result, feelings,

words and deeds. By sad, exhausting, using or meditating with these crystals, one can

work with that light in a physical form. Enhances crystalline properties of blood, organization

and examine. Blistering balancer. Stimulates brain functions. Receives, activates, stores,

transforms, transmits and amplifies energy. Super for meditation. The maximum smoothly

mechanical of all crystals and healing stones, in the role of of its crystal shape and jet

faceted points and sides, and the maximum lucrative of healing stones. A group in a room can

assign healing energies. Blistering balancer, dispels despondency, amplifies understood

forms. Use nice quartz crystals for contacting your guides and for interdimensional

dispatch. Superior to the whole organization but exceptionally the pineal and pituitary


More readily use a natural speck - a suddenly one is fine. Use with the speck towards the put the lid on

chakra if promise.

Route stones for the Seventh Chakra: Selenite, Calcite, Violet (points emphatically)

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