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Asphodel Of Sharon The Awakening

Asphodel Of Sharon The Awakening

In prompt to my aforementioned post, "irit batzal" is Hebrew for the bud asphodel (numerous name for daffodil). In Greek mythology, asphodel is the "deathless set of of lily bud that covers the plains of Hades and was a in quit of the dead." Strangely, irit may be minor from the shoresh which vital to "spread" and "excitement".

Asphodel is found in the Hymn Of Songs, Shir HaShirim 2:1.

"I am an asphodel of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."


Irit has a gematria of 690, a numeral sum of 15 and a crucial numeral sum of 6, the superlative of vav, the suggestion symbolizing the sefirah tiferet, and the partzuf zer anpin.

Batzal has a gematria of 122 and a numeral sum of 5, the superlative of hei, the suggestion symbolizing the sefirah malchut, and the partzuf nukvah.

Fixed they have a gematria of 11, the number of spices second hand in the Place of pilgrimage, the number of sefirot in the opening of Tohu, and the number of Sacred Names of G-d contemporaneous with the sefirot.

I wrote a poem a want time ago, called Chavatzelet, Dark Torah, based upon a call in of pre-incarnate test. I didn't mull it over until healthy a few account ago that chavatzelet equally doomed daffodil (asphodel). It seems I have a very crusty silhouette to daffodil, and at some stage in it, and to "Shir HaShirim" as well, while this release call in was dreadful. I know that this call in pertains to shevirat hakelim (breaking of the vessels), yet I relaxed don't fine understand why. It relaxed hurts. Cool.

But, I "am" up.

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