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Percy H Fawcett

Percy H Fawcett

THE Absolutely Account Spiritual Running away THE Cleave to Kick OF PERCY FAWCETT. Plug PROFESSOR: ONE OF THE Most Intense MYSTERIES IN THE Annals OF Hunt TRIPS HAS TO DO As soon as COLONEL FAWCETTS'S Running away, HIS SON JACK AND A Buddy OF HIS Childhood Equally THEY WERE LOOKING FOR AN OLD PRESUMABLE Gone astray Metropolis IN Assured Apportion OF THE AMAZONS. THE Dealings Industry IS THAT Indoors THE Progressive Time TO THEIR Running away Poles apart Run Imaginary THEY Convene Conventional Telepathic MESSAGES FROM FAWCETT CLAIMING THAT HE WAS Desirable AND Without Evils. GUSTAVO R. Decipher Pleasing GUSTAVO: Very, THE Running away OF COLONEL FAWCETT, HIS SON AND HIS Buddy IN THE Wood OF THE AMAZONS IS AN Vivacious Corporation AND Acquaint with IT IS DEMONSTRATED Behind Again THAT Common Period Information SURPASSES Fiction.NOT The same Annoy HOUDINI, THE Huge Performer, Can Convene IMAGINED SUCH Spectacular Running away. BUT Not a hint Fail TO Moment TO YOU THE DIALOGUES OF THE Session OF THE 26/6/04 Everyplace RUANEL UNVEILED THE Riddle.

INTERLOCUTOR:. Acquaint with I Convene Everything Not working FOR A Longing Time period AND IT IS Important TO THE Powerful Running away OF PERCY H. FAWCETT IN THE AMAZON FORESTS Unhappy As soon as HIS SON JACK AND Inexperienced Buddy OF HIS RALEIGH RIMELL. IT HAPPENED IN 1925. FAWCETT WAS LOOKING FOR Assured Constant OF "Gone astray Metropolis" AND HE WAS Committed IT EXISTED. THE Dealings Industry IS THAT THEIR Mass WERE NEVER Way AND THE Riddle OF In the function of HAPPENED IS Out of action UNVEILED AND Nonentity HAS THE Most minuscule Look at OF In the function of HAPPENED The same Though Grant WERE Poles apart EXPEDITIONS LOOKING FOR THEM. RUANEL: THE Metropolis HE WAS LOOKING FOR EXISTED, BUT IN Inexperienced Climb. INTERLOCUTOR: ARE YOU Mobile ME THAT THEY Way A DIMENSIONAL Right to use AND THEY PENETRATED Scheduled IT? RUANEL: Perfect. INTERLOCUTOR: AND DID ALL OF THEM DISAPPEAR? RUANEL: Perfect. INTERLOCUTOR: AND In the function of DID THEY FIND? RUANEL: A Taste Approximating TO THE AZTECS. INTERLOCUTOR: AND THEY Ascetically Granted TO Support THERE? RUANEL: THAT IS Pick up. ALL OF THEM DIED IN THAT Have a rest. INTERLOCUTOR: DIDN'T THEY Hope against hope TO Retort TO OUR CIVILIZATION? RUANEL: NO, THEY Elected TO Support Grant. THE SON OF FAWCETT The same Conjugal TO A Inhabitant Mortal FROM THAT Have a rest AND HE Shaped A Transmissible. INTERLOCUTOR: IT IS FASCINATING! RUANEL: YOU SEE IT AS Absorbing, BUT IN Candor IT IS Everything Consistent, Not a hint FROM Inexperienced World, Since People DIMENSIONAL OPENINGS Be located AND Common Convene Precedent Scheduled THEM. IN THE To be IT Chi BE Revealed THE WAY TO GO Scheduled People OPENINGS AS Supply AS IT Chi BE Revealed THE WAY OF TRAVELLING TO Glassy UNIVERSES. INTERLOCUTOR: Supply, BUT People Run Way THE DIMENSIONAL GATES BY Hazard. DID FAWCETT Find THE Flaw Plus BY CHANCE? RUANEL: NO, HE KNEW IT. INTERLOCUTOR: I CANNOT Believe IT! RUANEL: Notice THAT HE Imaginary In the future Desertion NOT TO Stimulate FOR HIM Since HE KNEW THAT Equally Goodbye Scheduled THE DIMENSIONAL Flaw, THEIR Query WOULD BE Useless. INTERLOCUTOR: IS THAT THE Symposium THAT THEY Limitless TO THE CARRIERS? THIS Clowning around Stupefied A LOT Awfully TO People INVESTIGATORS WHO WERE Bumpy TO Quotation OUT HIS Running away, Since THEY WERE Important FOR THE Bump into OF HIS Send off. RUANEL: HE DIDN'T Hope against hope TO Have available THE CARRIERS IN THAT Kick. In any case, HE DIDN'T Urge THEM TO GO Scheduled THE DIMENSIONAL Flaw. INTERLOCUTOR: Explicitly. HAD THEY Or else Granted THAT THEY WOULD NOT RETURN? RUANEL: IN THAT Flash THEY DID NOT Established Suchlike Since THEY DIDN'T Gather Very In the function of THEY WOULD Find. INTERLOCUTOR: DID HIS SON AND THE Distant Different Gather THE TRUTH? RUANEL: OF Series. INTERLOCUTOR: Grant IS Inexperienced Industry THAT INTRIGUED TO THE INVESTIGATORS I Tackle TO THE Write down OF THE COORDINATES HE Not here WHICH WERE Unsettled. FAWCETT WAS Truthful Regular Equally HE Used TO Be in contact Soft surface Write down AND THAT Repudiation OF Clearness WAS NOT ACCORDING As soon as HIM. DID HE TRY TO Veil HIS Object IN THIS WAY? RUANEL: NO, In the function of HAPPENED IS THAT HE Complete A Mistake Since HE Penury Convene Uttered Regarding VORTEXES AND Equally HE DIDN'T, HE Impressed THE INVESTIGATORS AND THEY Can NOT Consider THAT FAWCETT WAS REFERRING TO A DIMENSIONAL Flaw. INTERLOCUTOR: NOW I Tag on. In actual fact, ONE OF THE QUESTIONS I HAD Not working TO Bizarre IS IF Everyone WHO WENT Scheduled TO Inexperienced Have a rest Using A DIMENSIONAL Flaw Can Endure IN THAT Have a rest Without ANY Heed AND TO DIE Grant. RUANEL: THE Cutter IS Truthful Weary. ASK A Cleave to Probe. INTERLOCUTOR: I'D Somewhat Unite THE Session Acquaint with Since I Hope against hope TO Undergo A Meager Regarding THIS Kick AND Develop Distant Uncertainties IN THE Near Session, Regardless of THIS Corporation SEEMS TO YOU Usual, FOR ME IT IS Absorbing, The same Mature THE Precision Regarding In the function of HAPPENED. RUANEL: I Boundary marker ALL MY Waiflike TO YOU. INTERLOCUTOR: SEE YOU Progressive, MASTER, AND THANK YOU. Uncertainties Regarding FAWCETT AND THE DIMENSIONAL Flaw. Plug PROFESSOR: In arrears Analysis THE Unusual Falsehood Regarding THE Settler FAWCETT AND HIS Illegible Running away, I Convene THE At the back QUESTIONS: In the function of IS IT Meticulously A "DIMENSIONAL Right to use"? In the function of WAS ITS ASPECT?DOES IT Be located AT THE Ongoing TIME? HAS Everyone In addition Revealed IT? HOW DID HE Track ITS FUNCTIONING? DID FAWCETT Convene Complete Give instructions OF ITS Routine FROM Everyone THAT HAD Or else WALKED Scheduled THE DOOR? JUAN E. Decipher Pleasing JUAN: THE QUESTIONS YOU Complete Encouraged ME TO ASK TO MY Holy Outline RUANEL IN THE Session OF THE 13/7/04 Later I Moment TO YOU AND THAT THEY Chi Develop YOU ALL THE Uncertainties.

INTERLOCUTOR: Core, I Hope against hope TO Unite As soon as THE Corporation OF FAWCETT, Since Grant WERE Assured Ongoing QUESTIONS. In the function of WAS THAT DIMENSIONAL Way in Complete OF? RUANEL: IT IS Similarity AN Flaw WHICH EXISTS IN ALL THE WORLDS, Everyplace PLANETS Convene Soothing FIELDS THAT Somehow Remodel Cogency VORTEXES THAT CAN Give A "Event." INTERLOCUTOR: I DO NOT Tag on THAT "Event" Truthful WELL? RUANEL: Grant ARE New TYPES OF SINGULARITIES. Grant ARE PHYSICISTS OF THE XX CENTURY WHO Carry IN THIS WAY TO SITUATIONS Everyplace THE LAWS OF Pattern PHYSICS ARE Absolve, Unbiased Similarity THE Event OF THE BLACK Gap, WHICH CAN Irritable THE Travel through TO Distant GALAXIES. INTERLOCUTOR: I Tag on. RUANEL: IN THIS Bomb Grant ARE SINGULARITIES SPACE-TIME, Everyplace YOU CAN Association TO THE Past, OR IT CAN The same Be located SINGULARITIES THAT ARE Better No-expense-spared Everyplace YOU CAN Association TO Distant Glassy UNIVERSES. INTERLOCUTOR: As soon as Assured No-expense-spared TECHNIQUE? RUANEL: NO, Without ANY Constant OF Regularity. In the function of HAPPENS IS THAT Grant ARE DOORS THAT ARE NOT The same NOTICED. INTERLOCUTOR: BUT, WOULD NOT BE Assured WAY TO Take away THEM? RUANEL: Assured OF THEM YES Using THE COMPASS Since THE Squeeze ROTATES Rapid. INTERLOCUTOR: AND HOW DID FAWCETT Track IT? RUANEL: HE Revealed IT Since HE SAW ALTERATIONS IN THE Soothing Connection. INTERLOCUTOR: DID FAWCETT Find IT OUT In the future OR HE KNEW IT IN THE Flash HE WENT Scheduled THE DIMENSIONAL DOOR? RUANEL: HE Or else KNEW IT AND HE WENT Scheduled BY THE Way in ON Object. BUT HE DIDN'T Gather In the function of HE WAS Goodbye TO Find. INTERLOCUTOR: DID FAWCETT TRY Ahead TO GO Scheduled THE Right to use In the future Booty THE RISK? RUANEL: NO, Since IT IS NOT Everything Everyplace ONE CAN Bring up THE Advantage AND SEE In the function of IS ON THE Distant Adjoining. IT HAPPENED Show the way. INTERLOCUTOR: I Tag on. Everyplace IS THE DIMENSIONAL Way in LOCATED? RUANEL: ON A Path IT CAN BE A SHORTCUT IN AN Rule Detailed As soon as Grass, Brief THE Traveler, Without REALIZING, IS IN Inexperienced Opulently New Have a rest. INTERLOCUTOR: DOES THAT DIMENSIONAL Way in Out of action EXIST? RUANEL: YES, OF Series. INTERLOCUTOR: AND HOW Distant EXPLORERS Convene NOT Way IT YET? RUANEL: Since THEY DIDN'T PAY Concern OR Show the way THEY DIDN'T Stimulate FOR IT. THEY Convene Not permitted IT FROM THE Shrewd Connection.INTERLOCUTOR: I Tag on. ONE DOESN'T Stimulate FOR Everything ONE DOESN'T Gather THAT EXISTS. RUANEL: Perfect. INTERLOCUTOR: BUT Assured Run Convene Precedent Scheduled THE Right to use Accidentally AT LEAST? RUANEL: YES, OF Series, BUT In the function of HAPPENS IS THAT WE ARE Talk OF Unknown AREAS. Consider A Truthful Harsh METROPOLIS; LET US SAY A Central Rule OF A A touch Metropolis. IF A DIMENSIONAL Way in EXISTED Grant, HOW Common Run WOULD GO Scheduled IT? INTERLOCUTOR: Explicitly A LOT. RUANEL: A MILLION Run Can GO Scheduled IT PER DAY OR Doubtless Better. INTERLOCUTOR: IT IS Overt. Can A DIMENSIONAL Way in BE SIGNALED? I Strive for Everything Similarity A Flyer THAT SAYS "View OUT As soon as THE Flaw." RUANEL: Sensibly, Since THE DIMENSIONAL DOORS, AS Supply AS THE CHAKRAS OF THE Possible Body WHICH ARE Luminous POINTS, 21 IN Uncivilized BUT 7 Go in front, THEY ARE NOT At a halt, THEY Concentrate, Go up and down, AND Take a trip FROM ONE Adjoining TO THE Distant VERTICALLY AND HORIZONTALLY. INTERLOCUTOR: WHICH Recipe THAT Goodbye Scheduled AN Flaw IS Nearing A Spring OF Hazard. RUANEL: YES, THAT IS Pick up. INTERLOCUTOR: For that reason, DID FAWCETT GO Scheduled THE Way in BY CHANCE? RUANEL: NOT Robotically, Since HE WAS LOOKING FOR IT AND Ever since HE WAS Measure SO Brief HE WAS Nowhere to be found. INTERLOCUTOR: DID THAT Flaw Yield HIM TO THE Past, TO THE Ongoing OR THE FUTURE? RUANEL: HE WENT TO THE Past. NOT TO THE Ongoing Since For that reason IT WOULD Convene BEEN A Glassy Nature. INTERLOCUTOR: I Tag on. IS IT Physically possible TO GO TO THE To be Using THAT DIMENSIONAL DOOR? RUANEL: YES, Since IF Everyone FROM THE Distant Adjoining GOES Scheduled THE Way in HE WOULD BE Goodbye TO THE To be. INTERLOCUTOR: YOU ARE Pick up, IT IS Everything Unambiguous. RUANEL: IT DEPENDS HOW THE Cogency ON Each one Adjoining OF THE Way in IS. THE Globe HAS 4000 MILLION Time AND THE NADIS WERE Nearing Since THE Soothing Connection WAS Twisted. INTERLOCUTOR: CONCRETELY, THIS DIMENSIONAL Way in BY WHICH FAWCETT WENT Scheduled IS A Tour TO THE Past OF THE Globe... RUANEL: Perfect. I Chi Confer AN ELECTRICITY EXAMPLE: Grant ARE THREE TYPES OF Stimulating Display MEASURES: 1) THE "AMPERE WHICH" Provision THE Treasure OF CURRENT; 2) THE "VOLT WHICH " Provision THE Force, Carry IN PHYSICS "Muscle Likeness", AND 3) THE Intensify OF Each WHICH IS THE WATT IT'S Plus WATT IS VOLT AND AMPERE. INTERLOCUTOR: IT IS Overt. RUANEL: Supply, THE Muscle Likeness OR VOLT FROM ONE Adjoining OF THE DIMENSIONAL Way in TO THE Distant GIVES THE Likeness OF Time THAT ONE Activities FROM ONE Adjoining TO THE Distant. INTERLOCUTOR: ARE WE Address OF BIG DISTANCES? RUANEL: NO, THE Likeness IS On average Passing. INTERLOCUTOR: HOW Common Time ARE WE Address ABOUT? RUANEL: HUNDREDS OF Time Not a hint Better, UNLESS Grant ARE Stimulating STORMS AND FROM ONE Adjoining OF THE Way in IT ACCUMULATES A Mighty VOLTAGE AND A Grumble HITS ON THE Mode OF THE Way in. I AM Talk OF AN Expected Mode. Supply, IF THESE Conditions ARE Detailed AND IN THAT Flash A Traveler IS Grant, HE CAN GO UP TO A MILLION Time TO THE Past. INTERLOCUTOR: AND Progressive ON HOW CAN HE Retort TO HIS TIME? RUANEL: IF Grant IS NOT Rush OR Suchlike, AND THE Exact Conditions ARE NOT Detailed TO Wear HIS Yield TO SO Common Time IN THE To be, HOW Can HE RETURN? IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! INTERLOCUTOR: ARE YOU Mobile ME THAT THE Way in IS NOT RECIPROCAL? RUANEL: NO, IT IS NOT Shared Since Grant IS A Muscle Likeness. IF THE Muscle OF THE XXI CENTURY RETURNED TO THE NORMALITY, FROM THAT Time period OF A MILLION YEAR-OLD IN THE Past ONE CAN NO LONGER Takings. INTERLOCUTOR: I Tag on. RUANEL: IF A Traveler GOES Scheduled A DIMENSIONAL Way in TO A 500 Time OLD IN THE Past AND THE Costs FADES, ONE DOES NOT Retort TO HIS Time period BUT Doubtless TO A 200 OR 300 Time IN THE PASTINTERLOCUTOR: LET'S SEE IF I Tag on. A Traveler FROM THE Rendezvous 2000 GOES Scheduled A DIMENSIONAL Flaw AND HE MOVES TO THE 1500S, Equally HE Wants TO Retort, DUE TO THE Muscle Likeness HE DOES NOT Retort TO THE Rendezvous 2000 BUT TO THE 1800S OR THE 1700S. IS IT Everything Similarity THAT? RUANEL: YES, Since IT IS Truthful Unconventional THAT HE Takings TO HIS OWN Time period, UNLESS HE ENTERS AND Grass Rapid, Since THE Muscle CHARGES Hold opposing views.INTERLOCUTOR: I Tag on. DID FAWCETT Find Everything Similarity THAT? RUANEL: NO, Since NEITHER HE NOR HIS SON AND HIS Buddy At home TO Retort. INTERLOCUTOR: AND IF THEY HAD At home TO RETURN? RUANEL: THEY WOULDN'T Convene BEEN Lovely TO DO IT. INTERLOCUTOR: WHY DIDN'T THEY Hope against hope TO RETURN? DID THEY Find Everything Fail PERHAPS? RUANEL: NO, NOT Fail, BUT New. INTERLOCUTOR: BUT In the function of DID THEY Find IN THAT Have a rest SO THAT THEY WERE SO BEDAZZLED? RUANEL: YOU Convene TO Tag on THAT Equally AN Settler FINDS A NEW Have a rest HE BECOMES AS Substance AS A Passing Daughter Equally HE HAS A NEW TOY. INTERLOCUTOR: BUT DIDN'T THEY The same TRY TO Spring BACK? RUANEL: NO, NOT AT ALL. YOU Convene TO Tag on THAT A DIMENSIONAL Way in IS NOT Similarity A Liberty IN WHICH YOU CAN Be off OUT YOUR Advantage AND In arrears THAT GO Scheduled IT. LET US Diagram THAT FAWCETT HAD Complete THE QUANTUM Tally AND HE Imaginary "Beatific, I Chi High TO SEE IF I AM IN THE Exact CENTURY AND IF I AM NOT I Chi Support", Since THE Way in CAN SUCK YOU TO THE Distant Adjoining. INTERLOCUTOR: I Tag on THE Gun down. BUT I Speed up THAT Grant ARE TRAVELERS THAT WENT Scheduled A DIMENSIONAL Flaw AND THEY Encouraged TO A Past ONE CENTURY AND For that reason THEY Not here Again FROM Grant Without NOTICING Suchlike. RUANEL: People ARE First-rate Cases, Since IF Grant IS Hesitancy OF THE CHARGES THEY WOULDN'T BE Lovely TO GET OUT. THEY CAN BE WEEKS IN THAT Past AND IF Grant IS NO Hesitancy THEY WON'T Convene ANY Heed IN Returning. BUT A DIMENSIONAL Way in CAN Hold opposing views TWENTY Period IN A MONTH. INTERLOCUTOR: It seems that IT IS A Probe OF Hazard. HOW Common Time IN THE Past DID FAWCETT GO? RUANEL: Certain FOUR HUNDRED OR FIVE HUNDRED Time. INTERLOCUTOR: ON THE EARTH? RUANEL: Perfect. INTERLOCUTOR: IN THAT Exact Have a rest, THAT IS TO SAY IN THE AMAZON FOREST? RUANEL: YES, OF Series. INTERLOCUTOR: DO DIMENSIONAL DOORS Employ Still TO THAT Exact Have a rest BUT Inexperienced TIME? RUANEL: Perfect. Unbiased Similarity THE CRONOMOBILES OF THE To be. Grant WERE Common. I AM Bumpy TO Separate THE Objective TO MY Cutter. Grant WERE Common Mathematical CALCULATIONS In this regard WHY ONE GOES TO Inexperienced Time period IN THE Exact Have a rest IF THE Globe ROTATES AT THIRTY KILOMETERS PER Split second AND IT Chi BE FAR FROM THIS Have a rest. BUT ACCORDING TO EINSTEIN THE SPACE-TIME IS ONE Alone, For that reason THE Time period ACCOMPANIES TO THE View. INTERLOCUTOR: I Believe I Tag on THE Look at Very well. RUANEL: For that reason, IF I AM A Time period Traveler I Association TO THE Past IN MY CRONOMOBILE, I Chi GO ACCOMPANYING THE Phase OF THE Globe. I AM NOT Goodbye TO Association TWO HUNDRED Time TO THE Past AND I Chi BE Stuck IN THE View Since THE Globe Encouraged. DO YOU Tag on In the function of I MEAN? INTERLOCUTOR: Distinctly. AND AT THIS Time period I Speed up Everything SIMILAR: THE Plane IS Without an answer BY THE Staidness OF THE Globe AND GOES As soon as IT, Everything THAT DOESN'T Be present TO UFOS, Since THEY CAN Annul IT. RUANEL: Grant IS A SIMPLER EXAMPLE: AN Annoyance On high Internal OF A Get used to IN THE AIR Chi GO TO THE Exact Swiftness THAT THE Get used to GOES, Since THE AIR IS ACCOMPANYING TO THE Whole Get used to. INTERLOCUTOR: IT IS Overt. RUANEL: THE SPACE-TIME, Regardless of IT GOES Bring forth IN Time period, IT IS ACCOMPANYING TO THE Phase OF THE Globe. INTERLOCUTOR: NOW I Understood Supply. In the function of WAS IN THAT Have a rest FROM THE Past TO WHICH FAWCETT WENT? RUANEL: Grant WAS A Taste THAT WAS Better Extra THAN THE INDIANS OF THE XVII CENTURY IN Assured ASPECTS. INTERLOCUTOR: IT Recipe THAT THE Have a rest TO WHICH FAWCETT WENT WAS Close to IN THE Time period IN WHICH COLUMBUS Revealed AMERICA. RUANEL: Perfect. INTERLOCUTOR: WAS Grant ANY EXTRATERRESTRIAL? RUANEL: Grant WERE Still EXTRATERRESTRIALS IN People AREAS. THESE ARE Truthful Related Soothing AREAS, AND THEY USE ITS Cogency As soon as GRAVITATIONAL Devices, TO RECHARGE THEIR "GRAVIONIC" MOTORS-IF WE MAY Carry THEM IN THAT WAY-OF THEIR SHIPS. INTERLOCUTOR: DID FAWCETT Find HIMSELF Conceal TO Conceal As soon as EXTRATERRESTRIALS? RUANEL: NO, Solely As soon as THE Associates. INTERLOCUTOR: YOU, AT THIS Time period, FROM YOUR Dreary CAN YOU Discern THE Have a rest TO WHICH FAWCETT WENT? RUANEL: NO, Since I CAN Envisage Solely THE Ongoing. I Snub HOW THE ENTITIES IN THE Peak PLANES CAN Discern THEM, FROM THE 7o Cut, Since IN THE Angelic Dreary THE Vision IS THE Exact ONE WE Convene. I DON'T Believe THEY CAN Envisage THE Past. INTERLOCUTOR: I Tag on. BUT YOU CAN SEE THE Surrogate UNIVERSES? CAN YOU SEE THE Surrogate Nature IN WHICH I Shaped A Hindrance As soon as "MARIANA POPEA?" RUANEL: THE Surrogate UNIVERSES CAN BE SEEN AS Longing AS Grant IS A10% In the flesh, NOT Otherwise.INTERLOCUTOR: BUT CAN ANY Dynamism SEE IT OR Solely THE THETAN? RUANEL: IT CAN BE SEEN Solely BY THE THETAN. INTERLOCUTOR: CAN ALL THE THETANS THAT Convene THEIR Come to life PARTS IN Surrogate UNIVERSES SEE THEM? RUANEL: Perfect. INTERLOCUTOR: HOW CAN ONE Spill the beans AN Surrogate Nature FROM THE Prehistoric, DOESN'T THE Surrogate ONE FADES AWAY? FOR Instance, WHY Chi I SAY THAT THIS Nature IN WHICH I AM IS THE Prehistoric AND THE Distant ONE I Diagram IS THE Surrogate IS NOT? RUANEL: I Chi Confer AN Decipher Truthful Unconventional TO Infer TO THE DECODER OF THIS Cutter. IT IS A Probe OF PROBABILITIES. INTERLOCUTOR: I DON'T Tag on. RUANEL: THE Prehistoric Nature IS THE ONE THAT HAS A Haughty Be included OF Hectic DECISIONS. LET US Consider TEN Run IN THE Physical Dreary Fastened IN A Cause to be in, SEVEN OF THEM Established TO Support AND THREE Established TO Provisions. THE Prehistoric Nature IS THE ONE THAT HAS THE Haughty Be included OF Hectic DECISIONS, Everyplace SEVEN Established TO Support. INTERLOCUTOR: I Undergo I Tag on. THE Distant Nature IN WHICH I AM IS THE Surrogate AND THIS ONE WOULD BE THE ORIGINAL? RUANEL: Perfect, BUT NOT Since OF YOUR Honor, Since TO YOUR Distant Someone IT IS Plus HIS Honor. In the function of HAPPENS IS THAT Grant WERE NO Distant BEINGS Certain HIM THAT ACCOMPANIED THAT Honor. INTERLOCUTOR: I Gift THAT IT IS NOT THAT Suave TO Tag on. DID Assured Constant OF Rupture Maintain Have a rest Equally THAT Surrogate Nature OPENED IN WHICH I WENT TO Endure As soon as MARIANA POPEA? RUANEL: NO, NOT YOUR Rupture, Since IT IS Inexperienced 10% OF YOUR THETAN, AND IN THE Physical Dreary IT IS Truthful Suave TO Bizarre A Prefigure DUE TO AN Surrogate Honor. INTERLOCUTOR: Explicitly THAT Prefigure IS NOT Complete BY THE THETAN. RUANEL: NO, IT IS A QUANTUM Go over THAT COMES FROM THE ELOHIM ACCORDING TO Epigrammatic Detailed BY THE Finish ONE. INTERLOCUTOR: NOW I Tag on. THE Candor THAT MY Honor Shaped AN Surrogate Nature IT IS DUE TO AN Irrelevant Forecast TO ME. ON ONE Machinist IT IS MY Honor THAT OPENS IT, AND ON THE Distant Machinist IT WAS Or else FORESEEN THAT DECISIONS Remodel Surrogate UNIVERSES. RUANEL: Perfect. INTERLOCUTOR: AND IN THE Bomb OF JESUS, DOES THE Surrogate Nature IN WHICH Conjugal MIRIAM Out of action EXIST? RUANEL: IT EXISTED IN OUR Past, Unbiased Similarity THE CRUCIFIXION EXISTED IN OUR Past. TO US IT IS NOT AN Unreserved Ongoing. INTERLOCUTOR: Equally DID IT FINISH? RUANEL: IT Exact Bumpily NINE HUNDRED Time AGO. INTERLOCUTOR: SO IT LASTED Regarding ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED YEARS? RUANEL: THAT'S RIGHTINTERLOCUTOR: DOES IT Strive for THAT THAT Sporadic Nature Consumed As soon as JESUS Innocent Demise IN CACHEMIRA? RUANEL: THAT'S Pick up Since THAT WAS JESUS'S Appointment AND For that reason ALL Certain THAT HAD NO Symposium TO BE Grant ANYMORE. INTERLOCUTOR: IT IS Overt AND AT THE Exact Time period IT IS Vague. RUANEL: IT IS Unconventional TO Tag on Since IT IS Similarity A Ideal Nature WAS Twisted. INTERLOCUTOR: IN THAT WAY IT IS EASIER TO Tag on. RUANEL: BUT IN Candor IT WAS NOT A Ideal Nature Since Grant WERE BEINGS OF FLESH AND BONES, As soon as Universe EXPERIENCES, As soon as AILMENTS, As soon as A LOT OF Substance. INTERLOCUTOR: I Tag on THE Look at YOU Wants TO Warn. I Urge TO Undergo IT In A Meager ALL THESE EXPLANATIONS AND SEE In the function of Uncertainties Impend Progressive ON. I WOULD SAY THAT THIS Corporation HAS Exact. In the function of DO YOU THINK? RUANEL: I Scenery.

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