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John Dees Occultism

John Dees Occultism

A distinguished involve at the life and work of one of the distinguished statistics of Reappearance religion.

Delving stylish the life and work of John Dee, Reappearance mathematician and "juggler to Sovereign Elizabeth," Gyorgy E Szonyi presents an check over of Reappearance occultism and its place in the chronology of European cultural history. Culling examples of "magical brains" from copy, medieval, and Reappearance philosophers, Szonyi revisits the reckon of Dee's own nominal and spiritual writings as thoughtful sources of traditional religion. Exploring the be bothered foundations of magic, Szonyi focuses on the philosophy of exaltatio, the esteem or elevation of man. He argues that it was the expensive for exaltatio that framed and related together the before broad manner and undertakings of John Dee as well.

"...Szonyi offers a advantage and significant device of roughly key versions of exaltatio from the Better part hermeticum, from Plotinus, Porphyry, Iamblichus, and Proclus, from medieval practical magic, and from the key Reappearance texts of Ficino, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Trithemius, Agrippa, Paracelsus, and Postel." - Charm, Assistance, and Witchcraft

"...the scholar at doesn't matter what level peculiar in understanding the distribution and opportunity of occult philosophy in the beforehand modern session, behest find Szonyi's one of the best inventive books to read." - Reappearance Quarterly

"Gyorgy E. Szonyi writes with sharpness and self-expression. This work is a indispensable complement to previous well-informed works on John Dee and is a call for for any mechanical library." - Antoine Faivre, writer of Theosophy, A game, Tradition: Studies in Western Esotericism

"Szonyi has significantly of value to say about John Dee. He makes a important enter to the sustain of Dee studies and to the understanding of Renaissance/early modern European esotericism, even more from the slope of Eastern Europe." - Arthur Versluis, writer of Restoring Paradise: Western Esotericism, Journalism, Art, and Brand

Gyorgy E. Szonyi is Schoolteacher of English at the The academy of Szeged and of Educated person Ancestry at the Notable European The academy, Budapest. He is the writer of two other books on John Dee.

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John Dees Occultism

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