Friday, July 25, 2014

John Lash On Conscious Tv

John Lash On Conscious Tv

Sty and lecturer John Bind is one of the heyday exponents of the power of myth to say and shape an individual's life, as well as history itself. John is a abiding devotee of world mythology, Tantra, Buddhism, Gnosticism, the pre-Christian Mysteries, alchemy, astrology, and naked-eye astronomy. He has traveled widely over the world and has lived in Japan, the UK, Greece, France, Spain and Belgium.

John's published works tally The Seeker's Handbook: The Satisfied Blueprint to Extrasensory Pathfinding, Twins and the Maintain, The Hero: Adult years and Asset, and Track for the Zodiac. John is co-founder and chief felt tip of, sponsored by the Marion Organization. In rider, John founded the Organization for Prophet Tradition in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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