Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spiritualism Ets New Gods For The Same Reactionary Ideology

Spiritualism Ets New Gods For The Same Reactionary Ideology
A few days ago, in one of his interviews, Alfred Webre aimed that the era of Gaia(earth)- centrism was arrogant, and now we were in a new face, lest anthropocentric and above Total (and multiversal?.)

He, and countless others who take on this are abundant prejudice, and let me zip you why.

In the fantasies based in the ETH, (UFO creature from outer space idea,) hundreds if not thousands of infinite civilizations, some of them good and some evil, blow their frail time and energy, playing "hyde and investigate" with us in the supreme fixated and stupid way.

Looks virtually the evil ones (in annihilation) admire us so noticeably that they are abducting billons of humans to variety hybrids. (The fantasists and system theorists say that they do this with the reinforcement or settlement of the USA gov..!)

Now, the good aliens achieve also the game of "defend and investigate" but with a uncharacteristic motivation: they objective to help us. They stretch out us restore punch of course, and practice a form of "spiritualism" very stable to the XIX century theosophy, constructive of hybrid among Madame Blavatsky, Col. Ledbetter and some New Age.

This pseudo-spiritualistic wisdom is stretch out to us completed contactees, who wad some books and pitch punch indoors on our Position, (Gaia.)

To make it sans, as spontaneous, gods, angels, ETs, all the "celestial go out with" is hesitant about us, heart of the Life or at least the Galaxy.

This conventional cable avoids responsibilities. Humans necessity hinder for the kindness of the gods, or the ETs, a new imprint of the vastly gods. Tomas Scolarici

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