Sunday, April 15, 2007

Clothing Line Called Witches

Clothing Line Called Witches Cover Designers Lauren Alexander and Gabby Applegate are debuting a clothing line called Witches. Alexander co-designs another line, the hit basics label LnA, and joined forces with Applegate to create what she calls a Victorian goth collection. It’s got a lot of lace. The items will retail for up to $400 at Ron Herman. “Gabby and I would go out together always wearing all black and people called us the witches,” Alexander says. The line “is our idea of the modern witch.”

Models in the clothing are posed in tableaux vivants on the lawn, lounging on velvet furniture and in front of vanity tables. Though they look ready for a night at a dark wave club, the designers insist the clothing is good for everyday wear, too. “We wanted to design something that you can to just throw on, it’s easy,” Alexander says. For the on-the-go goth, I guess.

It’s Friday the 13th and I’m as the sun goes down, surrounded by black rose petals, red candles, fake black crows, and red velvet cupcakes :)

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