Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What Is Worship

What Is Worship Cover What does it mean to worship? Many people are quick to start the answer to that, only to trail off at the end of their first sentence as they realize that it's not easily defined.

Is worship getting down on your knees in a church pew, locking your fingers Together and saying a few short words? Is it sitting cross-legged in the middle of a Circle, surrounded by candles, and saying those same with words, with different names? Is it lighting a candle on Candlemas, scattering flowers on Beltaine, singing songs underneath a silver full moon?

I believe that worship is anything done with love in mind. Every breath that you take in peace, every athame you raise to cast Circles with spirit, every cent you donate to a charity, every paintbrush taken to a blank canvas, every note that comes from a guitar, every hug and every shoulder to cry on.

To worship means to adore, venerate, honor. What could be better worship then living our lives as companions and friends to the world, altruistic and heartfelt with our care?

To worship means to devote time and attention to Something we love. Worship is not just the conventional ways we have grown to accept. It's not as mundane and Tangible as that, although it can be. We serve whatever Deity might exist just as much by writing a poem wreathed with our emotions and feelings then we do whispering a prayer into the silence.

If there is a God or a Goddess, a Supreme Being and Higher Power, then we are their creations, their children, and so their divinity runs through us as much as our biological parent's genes run through us. We are little pieces of God. We have the inherent power, wisdom and beauty of this Deity flowing through our veins, and so whenever we are kind to one another, we are helping and honoring the Deity. Whenever we dream, think, grow, smile, adventure, laugh, we are adding something to the lifepool of divinity. Whenever we create something beautiful, be it a picture, an ice-cream sundae, or a warm feeling, we are showing our celestial. We are contributing to the well-being and furtherment of the Earth...and so we are worshipping.

To worship is to live, truly live.

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