Friday, May 26, 2006

Self Purification

Self Purification Cover
Many Wiccans think that the only time they should purify themselves is on the New Moon. And the New Moon is certainly a good time for purification, but it is certainly not the only time that such a thing can or should be done. Purification of the body allows us to rid ourselves of the black psycho-crap that clutters our psyches and thus hinders us from making contact with the Goddess, and can even make us physically ill. For those of you that are especially "sensitive", if your psyche gets covered in smut it can really do you
some damage. So here is a simple Purification ritual that you can do weekly to help attune yourself better.

Start with a ritual bath. This need not be a full bath with soap and scrubbing but you should sit in hot water with only candle light. Perhaps add some soothing oil to the water. I prefer sandalwood. Also add some salt to the water. While your sitting in the water, let yourself relax. Don't think about what you are about to do, don't think about all the bills you have to pay. Just relax. After your bath, you can start your ritual.

Cast the circle. Arrange your altar. Invoke the God and the Goddess.

Lie down on your back. If you cannot do this because your circle is too small, then sit with your legs out before you. Try not to have anything crossed if you can avoid it.

Now feel all of your energy draining out of you, into the floor or into the Earth. Feel yourself losing control of your body, letting it go numb. Let your body become a distant object. Release yourself from it. Don't let your body be a part of you. Sink out of your body as best you can. After a few moments, feel the energy from the Earth, all its vibrations entering your body. Feel your body tingling, burning, itching, tickling. Feel it becoming alive again, knowing that it is being charged with good energy from the Earth.

Once you feel that you have been recharged, sit up and light a silver candle. If you don't have one, you can use a white one. Say, "I light this candle as an object of my purified soul, as a dedication to my Goddess. Let this candle burn and charge me with energy."

Pass the incense over your body. Feel the smoke all over you as it washes you clean. You may wish to thank the Element of Air as you do this. Then, sprinkle on your head some water from the cauldron, thinking of the Element of Water. Sprinkle salt on your body next, thinking of Earth, and lastly pass a candle over your body. You can just press the candle over your body if running your hand through the flame frightens you.

Once this is done, thank the Goddess and the God, and release your circle.

Your rite is done.

Also try this free pdf e-books:

John Alan Halloran - Sumerian Lexicon
Francesca De Grandis - Goddess Initiation
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