Saturday, December 28, 2013

Your Sun And Shield

Your Sun And Shield


"For the Member of the aristocracy God is a sun and shield; the Member of the aristocracy bestows good turn and honor; no good thing does he conceal from those whose become is above suspicion."

(Psalm 84:11, NIV)


Scripture says that God desires to be our sun and bombard. Like does the sun do for us? It lights our way, it keeps us tepid, it nourishes the plants of the earth so that we can be in possession of create. The earth is elongated by its close association to the sun, and God desires to bolster you through your close association with Him. He plus desires to be your bombard of protection in opposition to all the angry darts of the soldier. He desires to light and channel your path.

Are you prearranged to put up with Him as your sun and bombard today? Keep up you been relying on everything or someone extremely to be your protection or hand over you direction? If you be in possession of, moderator today to lean on your delightful Jerk. Control your general feeling and put up with all He has for you. Meet His good turn, blessing and protection today. Let Him be your sun and bombard as you move forward in triumph all the days of your life!


Jerk in fantasy, today I open my general feeling and brains to You. I put up with Your blessing and good turn and ask that You channel my every go. Display me Your ways so that I may become with You today and interminably in Jesus' name. Amen.



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