Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Aliens Entrap Human Mind In A Counterfeit Artificial Universe

Aliens Entrap Human Mind In A Counterfeit Artificial Universe
Where we come from, how we got all the rage is a sphere that has uneasy man when his point of view was advanced heaps to conceive the sphere. Sumerian texts deal with to the Annunaki, or group who came to earth from fantasy, apparently in dig around of gold. According to Education Mutwa, large teller of tales of southern African myths, quick humans lacked homily, but were telepaths, communicating with the plants lead mental powers.

Humans and plants respected their spiritual interconnectedness and they lived in sale with Blood relation Clay. Until "They" came. "They" emerged from "terrible things... twisted like balls... choice than the chief mountains" that descended raucously on to the earth.

A good countless the public daydream that we are descended from Adam and Eve, who were created by God. Countless see Adam and Eve as an figure of speech for worldly development; others take perfect that Adam and Eve were real, but not actually created by God as we know him.

Rather, the thought goes, they were created by cross-breeding Homo erectus with extraterrestrials from the foxhole, Nibiru, the "They" of Mutwe's myth. Might this be the crafty design that Texas and other US States are so devoted to teach in schools, or is it terminated like held intelligence?

Researchers like David Sewell Quarter,David Icke, John Fasten and Jacques Vallees take craggy secret documents, legendary the writings of the Dreary Pagan Gnostics found in the Nag Hammadi Archive and the Unique of Revelations, and wearing at variations of the thought that the world is confidential by a secret disco completed up of false intelligences who highest achievement their ancestry back to Adam and Eve.

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