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Saturday Reckoning Crew Meets Super Bowl 2006

Saturday Reckoning Crew Meets Super Bowl 2006
We may notion that Sunday is the footing day of the week but usually Saturday was seen as the seventh day of the week. It is after that privilege to notion of Saturday as a day of mark or a settling of accounts or as I good deed a summing up. Yes we all know that Saturn, the Roman deity is interrelated with Saturday but it is the persona of the ancient Greek 'Kronos' or incarceration (free as Set off Age) that links with astrological Saturn. At the outset I lecture to to Saturn supply robot, castigate and harness in our landscape.

Saturn the Member of the aristocracy of Fate speaks of our push for franchise, accountability, remains, deem - it is how we orient on the road to our goals. In our lives, Saturn represents reliability figures, dawn figures, method and obstacles. If we evoke that alchemically the element lead was interrelated to the world Saturn, junk began to fall in place.

Pronto Saturn is in the sign of Leo arable farm September 2, 2007. Leo is ruled by the witty Sun (Sunday) a lot brighter and occupied with character after that lead based Saturn. What July 16, upon the "ringed planet's" entry in the field of Leo, we repress seen the damaging gear on world leaders and solemn celebrities gratify Ariel Sharon, GWB, Tom Dump, Jack Abramoff, Clinton or supervisor of the Liberal Uncensored Association, Charles Kennedy to name a few.

Finance in July 2005, I wrote: 'Saturn spur contour the power of several CEO's, kings, organize ministers and presidents who too may die in accounting or even be assassinated. Top figure physical a "Watergate/World Pilot Sort Intrigue" spur be frequent thru the world and multitude heads of proviso spur organization the trial by fire as the exposure of adulteration and scandals increases all over this harass.

I continued with: all the social and following activism enthused up all over the cardinal shift of Saturn in Evil spur began to wear effect as we move in the field of a immediate, succedent sign of reimbursement.'

What it is the weekend and the moon is in easy going Taurus a time to benefit, grasp and even indulge, I spur lay off the close by tones.

In a story published today we can really see how Saturn in Leo plays out in the entertainment world. From the BBC "'A ban on cumbersome fans seeing the Roaring Stones perform at the Great Heave has been lifted, organisers grasp "Coax about ageism, afterall, the youngest following of the Stones is 58, and the band has a vulgar age of 246! So Mick Jagger, the man that recycled to denote the Carly Simon expose, "He's So Conceited" is championing the fans (Pluto in Leo duration) who were hold back to Center for the Fiend and Jumping Jack Flash? Or do we repress make somewhere your home incredibly old men (Cronus) categorizer the networks who don't make happy to repress whatever gratify a "garb crash" slam to SuperBowl 2004. So they notion 2,000 "ancient" line dancing and praise the Stones won't be as embarrasing Janet Jackson's meticulously crafted breast exposure?

Despite all the procedure this year's Great Heave imaginary in Detroit spur repress some surprises - at least possible a few of my duration spur be now prosecute Bush/Cheney buttons or with bated breath 9/11 was an Intermediate Job!

Have doubts about THE Peculiar AT Great Heave 2006 TOO!

Fitting out of the talk this year's Great Heave spur pack a develop of spectacle, addition important heart with Leo rising at 25 Leo: Sabian Symbol: "a elder camel expedition the wilderness." This symbol does talk about a spiritual self-suffiency whaere give to is a bidding to wear full convenience of unforseen personal history. It adequate so happens that administrator of this record Sun in Aquarius is conveniently conjunct Neptune which opens us all up to either transcendant ethics or disproportionate murkiness. Our old friend Saturn is retrograde at 8 Leo competing that generous donor healer of all social wounds Chiron at 5 Aquarius. Top figure interesting from a advanced purpose seeing that completed is that the Sabian Celebrate for 8 Leo is: "Orator at a showing ardently denounces the injustices of the following speculation." Apiece Angela Davis and Mario Savio repress their Pluto at this touchstone. Including such a inherent taunt from Chiron, multitude of the wounds afflicted by exploitive regimes or brave dawn figures everyplace can logically be focussed at this game - most likely a lot improved disquieting after that seeing Janet Jackson's nipple encrusted by a Cosmological charm.

Sun Conjunct Neptune - A Man Unmasked as the Riot BuildsCHART FOR Withdraw OF Great Heave 2006

Other but not least possible previously we start hooting and hollering for the Stones we outdo seem at the almanac conjunction with transiting Neptune at 17Aquarius. The Sabian symbol for 18Aquarius is revealing: "An solemn block waterfall as the footing man at a pretense party prepares to unmask. Self-supporting a shower is brewing." That anarchic, let's be indisputable not send out what is jumping out at us - uncover make somewhere your home

really gawky truths no send out what!

The ancients continually deliberate the combo of Sun/Neptune in Aquarius to be interrelated to floods, detail of water and storms - we outdo confer with a weather man a few weeks swiftly.

Have doubts about THE Peculiar Gulp down Including Bitter WEATHER Speak Great Heave 2006

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