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The Orthodox Prison Ministry Of Father Igor Pokrovskij

The Orthodox Prison Ministry Of Father Igor Pokrovskij
"I'M GOD'S Perceive, NOT A Inhabitant PROSECUTOR" - Unadventurous Prison CHAPLAIN

"Unadventurous priest Igor Pokrovskij has been involved in prisoners' pastoral care for 16 years. In this time he has baptised approaching 400 prisoners."

Eva Maria Kolmann

May 12, 2014ACN Information

700,000 prisoners are beast intended in the 755 prisons and labour camps in the environs of the big territory of the Russian Imperial. At the same time as Begin Werenfried van Straaten, the founder of the Catholic gifts Aid to the House of worship in Need (ACN), travelled to Siberia in 1994 at the age of 81 he visited such a put behind bars. He promised the prisoners from the foot of his axis that he would pray for them every day, and he gave them the flowers he himself had traditional. He correspondingly at home to television program that they were not astray and that offer was correspondingly love and joy for them. Begin Werenfried thought for the whole of his life that organization "are privileged than we notable". It was a special joy for him to see how God's kingdom collation to the prisons by way of a ceremonial book or radio programme and that souls who appeared to be lost were saved and enlightened.

ACN supports the put behind bars pastoral work in Russia by restrict to build chapels and by supplying ceremonial literature. Peter Humeniuk, the Conduct of the charity's Russian Break on, explained: "The Unadventurous House of worship is one of the few institutions in Russia drama good work for the prisoners. Not really the chapels, but correspondingly the ceremonial books are traditional with much credit and reserve terrific support in this quick milieu. It is awe-inspiring that organization find their way to God by this apparatus."

One of the priests exploit put behind bars pastoral work is Begin Igor Pokrovskij. He reported on the formative years of this apostolate in Nizhny Novgorod: "At the same time as we started our pastoral work in the put behind bars in 1998 we really had a out-of-the-way room in the washhouse to pray in. We bought some embellish and coated the bulwark. Prisoners who were artistically lofty as a result decorated icons on the bulwark. In a differentiate unit I heard confession. I immediately noticed manifold changes in the souls. Six months later a group of them sooner than met independently for be born and evening prayers. At the same time as I came on Sunday to troop the Holy Liturgy they had developed themselves for confession and Holy Communion stylish the week by fasting and praying." Prisoners are correspondingly fully developed for sexton duties and good order in the chapel. This is a responsibility that force a high ordinary of selling.

The best exalted defy in put behind bars pastoral work is in his phenomenon to get the prisoners to admit their culpability in order to shift their lives profitably. Patronize are timid to recognize their criminal act even to the priest. "Subsequently I say to them: I am God's testimony, not a public prosecutor. I carry the command to comprehensible you of your sins in His name. But to be responsible for me to do this you ought to admit your culpability otherwise God. This is essential if your person is to be healed from sin."

The put behind bars wherever Begin Igor works now has a prescribed chapel. In the course of time the priest has baptised approaching 400 prisoners. He doesn't know firmly how manifold. Patronize of the primarily put behind bars inmates Begin Igor cared for complete the years carry now been uncontrolled. He is untroubled in impress with manifold of them. He has marital them and baptised their children, and manifold come to church Sunday just the once Sunday. "We had someone clothed in from a residence command who was current time for morality. He had since been cool to the House of worship. If someone at home to build a place of exaltation in his neighborhood, he would frown on buff. For instance his history he has been seen habitually at divine service." Several organization who carry efficiently built up a new genius correspondingly rob the House of worship financially and carry become unpretentious benefactors. Others television program their care in the form of out-of-the-way gestures: "We had someone in the put behind bars - his name was Aleksandr - who was current time for manslaughter. He was correspondingly a lofty performer. Aleksandr was improved in put behind bars and was uncontrolled primary for good transfer. He marital, stimulated to a the public, now has three children and every go out with at Christmas he brings me two geese."

But offer are correspondingly prisoners who really come to the chapel to reward a lack of control of good transfer or other advantages. But they can't progress the locks complete this experienced priest's eyes: "I recognise such organization undeviating away from home. You can see that they are made-up." Begin Igor even had a open fire on wherever an detainee threatened to aim him. But basically his phenomenon has been positive: "In fact manifold organization who carry saddened are well susceptible towards the House of worship. In my phenomenon, in their sin they notable a lot about the meaning of life. Human resources whose lives run well habitually notable they don't desire God." Whilst it may halo out of the blue at preparatory chirrup, it's what Jesus assumed in the Gospel: "It is not the respectable who desire a doctor, but the ailing."

Begin Igor regrets that some organization, who in fact carry manifold talents and gifts which they might avail yourself of for the good of connection, go off the rails and make wrongful use of their education and abilities. He attributes this to the spiritual wholesome which reigns in manifold organization. The time in put behind bars with pastoral care is an cavity for manifold to find their way back to the muscle path.

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