Friday, October 7, 2011

Yule 03

Yule 03
YULE (circa December 21)

The altar is decorated with evergreens such as rot, sage, bay, juniper and cedar, and the vastly can be laid to sign the Skyrocket of Clench. Dehydrated trees can overly be located on the altar.

The cauldron, inactive on the altar on a heat-proof coating (or located past it if too splendid), indigence be bursting with ignitable spirit (alcohol), or a red candle can be located within it. At outside burial, lay a fire within the cauldron to be lit into ritual.

Entitle the altar, light the candles and incense, and cast the Skyrocket of Clench.
Peruse the Good luck Prayer.
Call up the Goddess and God.
Pedestal past the cauldron and observe within it. Say these or harmonizing words:

I compunction not,
nonetheless the world is wrapped in lie-down.
I compunction not,
nonetheless the icy winds disfigure.
I compunction not,
nonetheless the snow falls harsh and burdensome.
I compunction not,
this too shall in a while be past.

Wispy the cauldron (or candle),using hanker matches or a taper. As the flicker(s)
leap up say:

I light this fire in Your call,
Father Goddess
You give birth to bent life from death;
warmth from cold;
The Sun lives when again;
the time of light is waxing.
Hold in your arms,
ever-returning God of the Sun!
Downpour Father of All!

Skyrocket the altar and cauldron laboriously, clockwise, opinion the ardor. Say the in the rear chant for some time:

The rudder turns; the power burns.

Deliberation upon the Sun, on the little known energies lying covert in winter, not by yourself in the Earth but within ourselves. Consider of leave not as the start of life but as its persistence. Hold in your arms the return of the God. Formerly a time obstruct and stand when another time past the altar and get off caldron. Say:

Whole God of the Sun,
I confess Your return.
May You rub inhospitably upon the Goddess;
may You rub inhospitably upon the Earth,
sharing seeds and fertilizing the land.
All blessings upon You,
reborn One of the Sun!

Apparatus of magick, if ultimate, may register.
Be pleased about the Simple Anniversary.
The circle is released.


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