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Strigoi A New Witch Monster For Basic Era Games

Strigoi A New Witch Monster For Basic Era Games
A fancy time ago, back in the far off time of 2000, the OGL was open. Support on the OGL and OGF list submit were lots thought untouchable what is and what couldn't be premeditated PI (Bring about Form).

Equally was considered was it a way for publishers to protect their IP (Intelligence Land-dwelling) while placid releasing other gear during the OGC pool. As well as the "top tier" publishers this worked out well. Sword and Sorcerery Studios, Mongoose, Necromancer and so on all played thoughtful and thing additional or less worked out. Normally they available "along" and copy writeups while stat blocks were open.

At irregular intervals you would get someone that would try to reasonably some gear they scraped off the net as PI (say the names of devils and demons) or the history of some history look as if, but for the greatest parts these were ignored when they were frowned apon. The portentous thing I decorative is the ones that did it well are placid exhibit to reckon us about it.

Punishment...some kind placid don't effusive stand a seize on this yet.

Inventory out this post from Kobold Quarterly, on the Strigoi.

It is a good write-up for Pathfinder and I deduct a bit of "4th Publication Envy" in some of the copy.

Equally I don't dearest is the quick bit at the end of each page where on earth it says "(This post is Bring about Form.)"

Hmmm...Ok....I imagine.

I don't decorative that is very neighborly of them, and others wits to tetragon.

In truth they can't make "strigoi" PI anymore than they may possibly make it copyrighted. The post can unquestionably be PI. Their rare deliberation of "a" strigoi in Pathfinder can be PI. The name cannot.

Worth, and not to put too fine a tapering off on it, they can't make a reasonably of PI worsening the rest of the force as declared in the force itself.

Noticeably the maker wishes to keep his creation for appearing in other publications and that is cool, I track that. Give to are superior ways to go about it and his PI announcement doesn't effusive out of use the "honest article test".

In any shell exhibit is my chipping in. I am declaring the close watch viper stat-block, write-up and all copy under and among the name of the viper to be Father Textbook.

My OGL permit is exhibit, and this post is copyright Copyright (c) 2011 Timothy S. Brannan.


Shoot down Class: 4 [15]

Hit Dice: 5d8+4** (28 hp)

No. of Attacks: 2 claws, 1bite

Damage: 1d6+2, 1d6+2 / 1d4+1

Special: Blood channel, twist during a colossal bird, undead

Movement:: 40 ft., Fly 60 ft

No. Appearing: 1

Saves As: Rebel 7

Morale: 10

Treasure: none

Alignment: Chaotic

XP: 660

The far-off feared Strigoi is an undead form of a specifically evil witch. They are greatest proverbial by way of the witches of the Classical and Inherited (Gypsy) traditions and lots are part of the Mara covens. They ways to become a Strigoi are mixed, but it is imaginary to be part of a curse. The Strigoi loses her clout to cast spells, but it is temper with her greater than before life and dash (tact as 18 in each one life and wiliness).

The Strigoi grass her stern at night, readily an unhallowed one, to make substantial on blood far-off in the vastly kind as a vampire. She can twist during a colossal, evil looking bird; no matter which akin to a good crow with adroit teeth in her beak.

In whatsoever form the Strigoi can whiz far-off as she did in life. Ceiling Strigoi stand red hair and blue eyes, but scholars wrangle on whether submit traits were do otherwise the witch was cursed. Ceiling Strigoi do not exercise to overpower what they are and house the palor and appearance of death. Stark dust clings to their clothes and their faces are dirty with baton.

Strigoi are responsible to return to their prized ones in an exercise to reenter their lives. This smoothly leads to the Strigoi destroying her former training.


The Strigoi cannot scale a home unless invited in lid. A Stigoi in addition cannot out of use a line of string or salt laid out in indication of them. Garlic is in addition effective, as is silver, but mirrors are not.

Strigoi can isolated be hit with silver or magical items.

At the same time as all undead Strigoi slip rubbish from holy water and evade holy items. They do not apprehensiveness for light (or Make clear spells), but they are not destroyed by the sun as are vampires.

To indestructibly thrash a Strigoi one want bang an flatten blockade or nail target their head during their coffin. Their self and blood sac (a new affiliate that looks dearest a zoom self but is additional akin to a stand for) want be cut out and burned.

Strigoi are turned as are Wraiths.


A type of witch everyday as a Strigoaica or a Strigoi Viu is a type of living Strigoi. She appears as a characteristic whatsoever witch with red hair and blue eyes. They are immune to the attacks of other undead, but will become a Strigoi on their own deaths. It is said that these Strigoi house their spellcasting abilities after their amendment.

"Strigoi" Copyright (c) 2011 Timothy S. Brannan

Liberated under the OGL as Father Betting Textbook

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