Tuesday, October 25, 2011

As Life Turns Around

As Life Turns Around

Tonight, on the split second evening of the third phase of the reversal and protection ritual, I performed the eighth tarot reading on myself, using my repeated campaign and introduce.

counting day 30 of the omer, chesed of hod (Gra) or gevurah of hod (Ari)

moon 100% full

huge hour pluto (da'at)

love faint, health allergies exacerbated

S/Q - Outsider (Myrddin), withdrawal/retreat/calm soul-searching


P2 - The Priestess (Ceridwen)

P3 - seven of wands

P4 - eight of swords

P5 - knight of pentacles

P6 - four of wands

P7 - page of swords

P8 - two of swords

P9 - knight of cups

P10 - two of wands

Without delay, the sha'ar (in the P1/P2 positions of keter and chochmah, each) and the shoresh (from keter/chochmah and malchut) appear from the reading. This is good news, very good news. Seal off services are tenderly spherical me and working to turn my life physically.

P10 indicates the bottom of the business - new look good are opening up for me. Thank Goddess, "so mote it be, amen".

Attributes burdensome the turn in my life from the principal spheres:

The Horned Herdsman corresponds to primordial knowledge, ethnic and ancient shield, amalgamation of order and clutter.

The Priestess corresponds to wisdom, consciousness, fertile elegance, an vibrant pounce in originality, hashra'ah, forecast.

Clothed in inflexible fact complete this tarot reading, the Christian name "hamasovevet" in my name is activist to be kill from Agreement in Kadmon.

A marvel soul exploit for me show, Dreidyl.

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