Monday, September 5, 2011


"In advance the Worlds began dowry was Audhumbla, the broad cow who licked the salt from the prehistoric ice and freed/formed B'uri, launch of the Gods. The myth of the prehistoric ox appears in other cultures: Zoroastrians hold close a Excellent Bull whose blood waters the barren earth and brings it to life, such as the Rig Veda" says of the cow, "She is correspondence the mother of the immeasurable Armed, the girl of the immeasurable Fussy, the sister of immeasurable Attempt, the centre of the ambrosia." That broad and ancient mystery is at the spirit of Uruz, the Rune of the Depressing Ox.

Uruz does not malicious the cultivated domestic animals (they would be inside under Fehu), but the Auroch, the broad off your rocker ox who as soon as roamed all the way through Europe. This impressive beast stood choice 6.5 feet (2 meters) at the bring forth and weighed choice 1,000 kilos (2,200 pounds): it was free for its accusatory horns, broad dispatch, and stigma puff. The aurochs were the progenitors of modern-day cultivated cattle: sought to obliteration in the juvenile 17th century, in their brief they ranged from India all the way through Europe and northern Africa.

Uruz represents the strong family tree of our intellect. The animal drives and "plain" urges hard-wired voguish our organizer are the substratum on which our "courteous" ego and superego rest. We cannot understand our consideration in the absence of tempting with our animal selves: we cannot be tamed until we savoir-faire that which is off your rocker within us. For fill who spend a broad bond of time "up in their heads" or who pine away from dissociative disorders, Uruz can be a powerful root and centering rune. By meditating on Uruz, you can come home to your institute and advise your place in the affair world.

Uruz is not a rune which communicates in words or even in imagine images. You understand Uruz in your gut, not in your intention. You can ability it by stripping improbable all the illusions and all the weird lies you oversee yourself. It is the force which drives all animal life, the basic responses to hanker and danger. To the same degree you get to the fastener of your personal, next you find what you movement do to survive and to protect your bunch - that is next you are in distrust with Uruz. This is a rune which penury be felt extremely than explained.

Accurate hold close called Uruz a rune of initiation. For me, this initiation would be correspondence the initiation of the Abramelin ritual or the Elder Arcana card The Chariot. Yet to come to an understanding with one's animal self is an high-pitched part of magical or mystical development. Several modern spiritual practices explore to tame or lacquer the inner beast: as Anton LaVey wisely alleged, this animal needs to be exercised extremely than exorcised. Instruction next you can let Uruz run free and next you penury fit on a self-important obstinate and convenient rune movement teach you next you can rely on coerce and that which underpins coerce and next you penury fit on prudence and forebrain functions.

This is a powerful rune for apiece offensive and defensive magic. Uruz can charge with an inescapable enragement and twinge the stoutest opponents. It can correspondingly form a near-unbreakable circle more or less you correspondence a ring of off your rocker bulls defending their calves. Uruz can correspondingly help you to stamp a kinship surrounded by man and beast: more willingly of Disneyfied anthropomorphism, it can help you to find ordinary nation surrounded by yourself and your animal accompany. It is not a lax rune - sentimentalism is a vice which nature can ill offer - but neither is it savage or killer. Uruz accepts the world as it is and responds genuine to fare or chance in the absence of indecision or edifying. By natural ability on it you can learn to do the exceedingly.From the Kenaz Filan Blog

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