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Arulmigu Arumugaswamy Dhevasthanam Kangar Perlis

Arulmigu Arumugaswamy Dhevasthanam Kangar Perlis
At first built in 1968, this chaos temple is idiosyncratic as it is one of the dying out temples in Malaysia whereby Lady Muruga is in his ferocious clash form, ever give somebody the lowdown to knock down evil 'asuric' (demonic) services. The sturdy Lady Arumugaswamy presides about as a six faced deity with his two consorts, Sri Valli and Sri Devayanai in the principal 'moolasthanam' (inner lair). Lady Arumugaswamy's statue is made from 'Karungkal' (black kernel), whereby his facade three faces are piece publish and the other three faces the back. All of Lady Arumugaswamy's twelve hands holds a blade to check the 'asuras'.

A important bygone advantage of this temple was in December 1981 so the overdue Swami Kirubanantha Varriyar visited the temple. In July 1992, the temple was another time blessed by the accompany of the overdue Swami Kirubanantha Varriyar. He counselled the temple spend to grab hold of complete believe of this temple, as give to were exclusively few temples in the world that had Lady Arumugaswamy, in his six faced form in the 'moolasthanam' (inner lair). In January 2005, the temple was visited by an Australian Hindu, Carl Vadivel Belle. He was on his holy pilgrimage to Malaysia for Thaipusam and made a accompany to the temple. He felt the mystical spiritual spirit of Lady Arumugaswamy so he entered the temple.

Fresh documented aspect of this temple is the Golden-haired 'Vel', which was donated by a spiritual hopeful in Perlis. The Golden-haired 'Vel' has been having the status of second hand in frequent significant temple festivals, especially for 'Vaigasi Vishagam'. The public holiday 'Vaigasi Vishagam' is observed in the month of May-June, on a full moon day. The day is in name only to be whereby Lady Arumugaswamy incarnated in this world to clash evil 'asuras'.

Address: Jalan Jubli Perak, Bukilt Lagi, 01000 Kangar, Perlis. Tel: 04-9764441

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