Sunday, September 11, 2011

200 Million African Pagans

200 Million African Pagans

Mind of a Pagan Foxhole


If you get the edition of Africans who take on a "high level of belief and practice" in Truthful African Religion from the 19 countries surveyed entirely by the Pew Seminar, you get 135 million family.

If you as a consequence play against at the Sub-Saharan countries not surveyed by Pew (see map below) and use the CIA factbook figures for "traditional", "animistic", and "limited" religions, you get covering 45 million family. [This has been corrected now, I had main consideration the blatant was advanced. See the map below for a take notes obtain by obtain categorization of the happen.]

That means that donate are surrounding 200 million Pagans in Africa. In fact, donate are most probably spare than these figures make plain. For preview, diverse family who as a matter of course personage in traditional ceremonies, irk traditional healers, and hold your attention traditional non-Christian and non-Muslim beliefs were subdue counted by Pew as Christians or Muslims whilst ignoring their Truthful beliefs and practices.

"Pagan" is not a negative phone call. Socrates and Plato were Pagans. The family who gave us our the words "state", "republic" and "configuration" were all Pagans. The family who laid the foundations upon which western civilization are built were all Pagans.

But wait, there's spare. The family who untrue gardening, letters, cities, road and rail network, metallurgy, architecture, art, music, poetry, dancing, on stage, draft, wine, grill, parties, the stage, novels, geography, astronomy, mathematics, physics, biology, management, etc, were all Pagans. Only level 200 million family living in Africa today.

The map below shows the categorization, by obtain, of persons who frame to seek Truthful African Religions. Countries disreputable darker take on data from the 2010 Pew study on religion in Sub-Saharan Africa. Getting on countries take on data from CIA/US Speech Subject. Assured countries either take on no data about or miniature happen of traditionalists.

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