Saturday, November 30, 2013

Warding Off An Evil Presence

Ok, appearing in it is. Stoppage time I went to my Mother-in-law's, my other half complained about intent a presence of evil just off the perimeter of the information entrance. I walked washed up to the perimeter and I honestly could impression everything.

While, I distrust, that my Freemason brothers whom had passed earlier me were instrumental in involving me with the presence of my sister, who passed beforehand, I called on them to assist me along with The evil presence seemed to be immersed at bay.

Now whether you distrust in any of this or not, I am requesting any information, beliefs and/or practices that you may know of that can be hand-me-down in this type of position.

If all I am first-rate to do is put my wife's core at silence occasion visiting my Mother-in-law this weekend it hand down be well operate the inconvenience.

I am aware of the love of career on the power of the Christ but to the same degree I brag been conscious compound epoch that I am not a Christian, I'm not positive if that would work, and I can honestly say that my belief in this is at best unclear.

Any thing, whether it be American Indian, Hindu, Hebrew, Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Christian, Wiccan or anything hand down be long-awaited.

I brag heard about personal color candles, personal stones and herbs and personal sayings. Any of these would further be welcomed.

Remember my Mother-in-law is Roman Catholic so nothing I do can be punctually and go into detail.

Thank you for your back up.


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